Innovations from November 1, 2020 for motorists: what you need to know

On November 1, two thousand and twentieth, several innovations came into force in Russia at once, which in one way or another affect ordinary motorists. What do you need to know?

Registration of an accident through an online application

Since November 2019, an experiment has been conducted in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Republic of Tatarstan, within the framework of which an accident could be issued through electronic notification through the “Compulsory MTPL Assistant” application without the need to call traffic police officers to the scene. The experiment was recognized as successful, and now this innovation can be tested in other regions of the Russian Federation.

New from November 1, 2020

You can register an accident in this way if no more than two cars were injured in the accident, while no harm was caused to third parties in the accident and no one was injured. Motorists must also have an OSAGO policy and be registered on the public services portal. Plus, at least one of them must have a smartphone with the OSAGO Assistant application installed on it.

Registration of electronic notifications about an accident is allowed for both individuals and legal entities, and you can resort to such a scheme even if there are claims among the participants in the accident (for this, a corresponding column is provided in the completed questionnaire).

In addition, in the application, you can select the type of road accident registration – with or without photo fixation. In the first case, a higher limit of payments for causing damage to property is set – 400,000 rubles, but if the drivers decide to do without photographs, then the damage will be compensated to them only within 100,000 rubles.

Only one of the participants in the accident must issue an electronic notification of an accident. He will need to fill out a ready-made form in the specified application, after which the second motorist will receive a corresponding notification on the public services portal. It will contain the information filled in by the first driver.

New from November 1, 2020

Thus, issuing an electronic notification allows you to avoid paperwork with the insurance company. It will be necessary to come to the last one only to fix the damage received in the accident. If the insurer has a contract with a repair service, then the car can be inspected immediately by the specialists of the latter, confirming the fact of participation in the accident and proceeding with the repair.

Modified registration certificate

The November innovations also affected the filling of the registration certificate. From now on, the document does not indicate either the power or the volume of the engine, but the columns “Type N approval” and “Environmental class” appeared.

Refusal to issue paper PTS

From November 1, 2020, Russia also decided to abolish paper vehicle passports, and all new car owners will receive this document in electronic format.

New from November 1, 2020

From now on, drivers will be able to receive paper PTSs only if the previous document has been lost, become unusable or cannot be used due to the lack of entries in some columns.

Note that the registration of electronic PTS is entrusted to car manufacturers (if they are from Russia) and their official representatives (if we are talking about importers). However, according to the law, testing laboratories can also issue such documents.

Tire Authentication by Smartphone

New from November 1, 2020

Until recently, the process of labeling car tires and their registration in the “Honest Sign” system was voluntary, but from November 1 of the twentieth the process became mandatory. However, sellers were still given time to prepare – the transition period will last until March 1, 2021.

Thanks to this innovation, motorists will be able to check the authenticity of tires using their smartphones. With the help of a special application, it will be enough to scan the Data Matrix code indicated on the tire, after which information about the manufacturer or importer of the goods will be displayed on the screen of the mobile device. Lack of code is a clear sign that the tire is a fake.

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