Introduced the new KIA Sportage 2022: a radical change of image

In early June, two thousand and twenty-one, the Koreans declassified the design of the new fifth-generation KIA Sportage 2022 crossover. The car received a completely changed appearance and interior, which have nothing to do with its predecessor.

The design of the Kia Sportage 2022 model year was made in the new style of “Opposite united” (“unity of opposites”), which was previously tested for the first time on the serial EV6 electric car. In general, employees of the company’s design centers from Korea, the USA, Germany and China worked on the look of the off-road vehicle.

KIA Sportage 2022

KIA lineup

At the front, the crossover is distinguished by an unusual radiator grille almost the entire width of the car, while the diamond-shaped headlights located in the corners are edged with stylish daytime running lights boomerangs. The intricately shaped taillights are interconnected by a thin bridge.

The pictures show that the new body of the Kia Sportage in 2022 has noticeably increased in size, but the manufacturer will reveal the detailed characteristics of the car later. In profile, the car immediately attracts attention with rather large side luggage windows, while on the model of the previous generation, the rear pillars were deaf.

Also, for the new Sportage 5, an all-terrain modification of the X-Line was immediately announced with a different design of bumpers, roof rails and increased overlays on the sidewalls. Plus, for the first time, the roof will be painted black as an option for a car.

The interior of the model also underwent a real revolution – the design of the front panel here evokes associations with its older brother in the person of KIA Sorento 4. In front of the driver, there is now an electronic instrument panel on a large 12.3-inch screen, and on the right side of it there is a display of the same size, given under need multimedia.

KIA Sportage 2022

So far there is no information about whether such a solution is standard, or it will still be the prerogative of only the most expensive configurations. It is possible that the database will have an analog gadget, and the standard screen of the media system may turn out to be more modest.

Also in the cabin, you can see a new steering wheel, a compact climate control unit, on which a couple of twists have been preserved, but all the other buttons are touch-sensitive, and a special washer on the central tunnel is now responsible for the choice of transmission modes.

It is expected that due to the increased dimensions, the interior of the new KIA Sportage 2022 will become more spacious, plus the company is reporting on improving the quality of finishing materials. In terms of technology, the car shares a platform with the previously presented Hyundai Tucson 4, so they will probably have common engines, although the list of available units depends on the specific market.

For example, for the new Tussan in Russia, two gasoline engines with a volume of 2.0 and 2.5 liters with a capacity of 150 and 190 hp have been proposed. respectively, as well as a 186-horsepower two-liter diesel engine. The base motor relies on a six-speed manual and an automatic transmission, while the other two relies exclusively on an 8-band automatic transmission and four-wheel drive.

KIA Sportage 2022

Thus, the Russian market for the Sportage will be offered a similar set of engines, but we will start selling the model only at the end of 2021.

The first to purchase the novelty will be buyers from South Korea, where the cars will appear in July – at the same time additional technical details should become known. Options and prices have not yet been announced, but the car will surely rise in price.

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