Is It Possible To Bargain When Buying A New Car In The Showroom? Necessary!

Most people are not used to bargaining, unless during a trip to Turkey and even then not always. Indeed, it would not occur to anyone to bargain in a grocery or furniture store, except that in a clothing or shoe boutique, sellers themselves will offer to throw off a little so that you do not leave without a purchase.

The same applies to car dealerships, where the price tags written for each car seem to be quite specific and final. The manager, of course, can announce a small formal discount, but this does not happen always and everywhere. Nevertheless, it is in a car dealership that you can and even need to bargain. Of course, if you want to buy a cheaper car.

The key question is how to do it and when it is generally appropriate. The potential for getting a discount on a new car depends on several factors. Let’s consider the key ones:

1) The more expensive the car is, the more discount you can get on it. This is especially true for premium brands. For example, a discount on some “charged” Mercedes with a recommended price of over 10 million rubles may well be 3 million, and for a BMW or Audi sedan worth about five million it is quite possible to throw off about a million.

It is clear that no one will give a big discount for such running models as Hyundai Solaris, Kia Rio or Lada Vesta, since the markup for them is also small. But even with this margin, under certain circumstances, you can try to trade a certain amount.

2) The higher the competition among dealers, the higher the chance to get a discount. If you live in a small town, where there is one car dealership of the required brand, then you can not count on a discount in it. In this regard, it is worth considering a trip to a large city for a new car, ideally to Moscow.

There you get an offer for the model you like in one salon, go to another, listen to the offer and show that the conditions were better in the first one. Thus, the bargaining process has already started. Then you go to the third salon, then to the fourth, and then again to the first.

And now, after a few days, you have the best offer, and the final price turns out to be noticeably lower than what it was originally. In addition, you can bargain not only cost reduction, but also various “goodies” in the form of winter tires, several free MOTs, as well as the installation of various additional equipment for free or again with a discount.

3) Buying a car at the end of the month. If the dealer does not have time to fulfill the plan set for the month, then this threatens his employees with a reduction in bonus and a lack of bonuses. In this case, it will be much easier to get a good discount on a car – sometimes a car dealership can sell a car practically without its own margin, just to make the required volume of sales.

4) Buying a stale car. Also, dealers do not like stagnant cars, which can also be a good bargain for. The car may stagnate due to a not very popular color, not a running configuration or an illiquid version.

For example, the situation may be as follows: the dealer has a stagnant crossover (for example, it will be Renault Duster) in the maximum expensive configuration, but with mechanics, while most buyers prefer to take the version with an automatic. The car lingered longer than expected – it’s time to throw it off cheaper.

Bargaining in a car dealership

5) Buying a car before changing generations or before restyling. If some model has changed a generation or has gone through a planned update, but has not yet managed to get to car dealerships, then the dealer needs to have time to sell the remnants of the pre-reform cars.

Of course, this is ideal when you can bargain and get a good discount. Again, this is more true of premium cars. For example, before the appearance of the new BMW X6 (G06), the old F16 body could be found in Moscow with a discount of up to 1.5 million.

Bargaining in a car dealership

6) Buying a car using Autospot service… In general, a profitable purchase of a new car in the salon is a serious and painstaking work. Here you need to go around several car dealerships, actively communicate with managers both in person and by phone, and choose the best conditions. Not everyone has time for this, and besides, good offers, as they say, “don’t go stale”.

It should be understood that it is not only you who want to buy a profitable new car from the salon – there is still a huge number of people around, and the managers know this very well. So while you are looking for the best option, someone can pick it up at a higher price, dealers do not want to lose their profit. So, in addition to time and perseverance, a successful purchase also requires luck: so to speak, to be at the right time in the right place.

The Autospot service is designed to help buyers find the most advantageous offer among all possible ones. On their website, you can see the maximum possible discounts on various cars, which give a rough idea of ​​how much you can actually buy a car cheaper than the original prices.

At the same time, we note that it is not so easy to get the maximum discount: the most favorable price is indicated there when you return the car to trade-in and apply for a loan, as well as insurance. If one of these points is not met, then the discount will not go anywhere, but it will turn out to be slightly less – everything is individual here.

Thus, first you need to decide what kind of car you want to buy – make and model, engine, equipment and even color. Go to the Autospot website, find the required car in the catalog and leave a request. Then the manager will contact you, clarify the conditions of the purchase (for cash or on credit, whether the trade-in will be used or not), and then will transfer your application directly to the dealers.

Further, the employees of the car dealership will contact you directly, where exactly the car you need is available. The declared discounts and gifts will be discussed with him, after which it will be possible to go to the dealer to draw up the documents.

Car companies use Autospot as an advertising platform because it brings them buyers. For users, the service is convenient because all cars and discounts on them are collected in one place. You can compare offers for classmate cars, or even find some kind of model that was not initially considered at all.

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