September 26, 2022

Jeep have revealed a few concept vehicles in advance of Annual 56th Easter Jeep Safari in the Moab Desert.

The event is scheduled to take place from April 9 through the 17th of April, this festival is a tradition for the biggest Jeep owner gatherings in the world.

The American automaker has said it will use the event to display “several one-of-a-kind Jeep concept vehicles” created with Jeep along with Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) the same way it has done for many years.

in 2021. Jeep made use of the occasion to unveil the All-electric Jeep Wrangler magneto design which is powered by an electric motor with axial flux and utilizes a traditional manual transmission with six speeds.

One of the most recent Jeep designs appears to be an exclusive variant of the Wrangler Rubicon 392 that has 20-character badges on the bonnet’s side. The car also sports big, knobbly tyres.

The vehicle is said to commemorate an automobile that was launched twenty years ago and is regarded as considered to be the “most capable production vehicle of its time”. It is named the Wrangler Rubicon, which was first revealed in 2003.

It’s not clear if this car is a unique concept or a limited edition model that will be sold for the model year 2023.

The second teaser Jeep idea is expected to provide an Gladiator-style tray inside the Wrangler’s smaller body, and provide an “abundance of four-wheeling confidence and a pinch of open-air freedom”.

“What if a truck dared to be more like an SUV to increase its departure angle?” The question is put to Jeep regarding this concept teased.

The teaser image reveals yet again huge, knobbly tyres, as well as an Rubicon badge that is on one bonnet’s side. The thing that makes this unique is the large openings on the sides in which doors are normally.

It’s believed that the concept could be a smaller Gladiator ute that has a narrower bed, perhaps similar to the Cab-forward Jeep FC-150 from the 1950s and 1960s.

The third and most recent teaser appears to be an homage to the military model of the Wrangler 4Xe plug-in hybrid (PHEV).

Jeeps declares that this idea “pays homage to a Jeep vehicle of the past”.

In the teaser photo, the vehicle features the classic camouflage of army green paint scheme with knobbly tyres as well as steel wheels in the army-style green.

Jeep has revealed an electrified PHEV 4xe SUV which appears to be based off the new generation Grand Cherokee.

The automaker stated that the concept can “conquer even the most tumultuous terrain along the back-country trails of Moab and further highlight the Jeep brand’s vision of accomplishing Zero Emissions Freedom”.

The 4xe Grand Cherokee is a combination of an 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine with an electric motor as well as an automatic transmission with eight speeds that generates a total output of 280kW with 637Nm torque.

The teaser also appears to be an Gladiator however it’s stylized with the QR code design that resembles a code.

It’s not clear what the concept is exactly, however it could make use of Jeep Performance Parts that may transform it to an F-150 Raptor-rivalling off-roader that is baja-ready.

If we look to the future Looking ahead, looking ahead, a Gladiator 4-xe electric vehicle could be expected to be available in 2024 According to reports. Jeep’s global chief Christian Meuiner has previously said that he’d like to introduce more electric automobiles into Australia.

“I am going to push for electrification as a leader and not a follower,” stated Mr Meuiner during the month of July in 2021.

“We’re not going to be after the others, we’re going to be first, and we’re going to do everything we can in all the [APAC] region.”

Mr Meuiner claims that markets like Australia, Japan and Korea “are going to become very quickly electrified”.

A Stellantis-related source has said to the Mopar Insiders that the Gladiator 4xe is powered by the same PHEV engine that is used in the 4xe Wrangler.

The PHEV powertrain that is featured that is in the Wrangler 4xe is exactly the identical to the one found used in the 4xe Grand Cherokee too.

The presentation was held at Stellantis’ EV Day presentation in July 2021, Mr . Meunier also revealed that Jeep would have an all-electric vehicle in each segment by 2025..

In the year 2025 Jeep is planning to have 70 percent of the sales it makes to become electric vehicles, from mild hybrids to all-electric.

The automaker also made use of EV Day to preview features that it might provide in the near future, such as vehicle-to-vehicle charging drone pairing, biometric recognition, aswell being a simpler option folding front seats in an entire bed.

The report also said that it may launch autonomous off-road driving capabilities in 2030, as well in a feature that would enable you to take the Jeep off while you track it remotely.

We’ll be watching to check to see whether Jeep will showcase any of these features autonomously in 2022’s Easter Safari. Easter Safari.

In the meantime, the new generation Grand Cherokee is set to be arriving in Australia with a long wheelbase and seven-seat Grand Cherokee L model first. It’s currently scheduled to be available in mid-2022.

In 2022, the Grand Cherokee L will be priced at $82,250, excluding road costs. The range is only powered by the 3.6-litre natural-aspirated petrol V6 engine, which produces 244kW of power and 344Nm of torque.

“Regular” Grand Cherokee five-seat and all 4xe versions are expected to be available in the second half of 2022.

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