Kia Cerato 2021 – Photo And Price, Configuration, Owner Reviews (all Cons), Buy In Moscow

How much is the new 2021 Kia Cerato in Russia: the price of the car on the official dealer’s website varies from 1,239,900 to 1,589,900 rubles, depending on the selected engine and equipment. In total, five trim levels are available for the sedan: Comfort, Lux, Prestige, GT Line and GT Line +.

Of the engines for the Russian version of the Kia Cerato 2021 model in a new body, gasoline engines with a working volume of 1.6 and 2.0 liters (both four-cylinder) are proposed. As for the boxes, the car can be ordered with either a six-speed manual or a similar automatic, and the drive is exclusively front-wheel drive.

New Kia Cerato 2021

Options and prices KIA Cerato 2021.

Equipment price, rub.
1.6 (128 HP) Comfort MT6 1 349 900
1.6 (128 hp) Comfort AT6 1 389 900
1.6 (128 lbs) Luxe MT6 1 419 900
2.0 (150 hp) Comfort AT6 1 444 900
1.6 (128 lbs) Luxe AT6 1 459 900
1.6 (128 HP) “Edition Plus” AT6 1 486 900
2.0 (150 lbs) Luxe AT6 1 514 900
1.6 (128 HP) Prestige AT6 1 519 900
2.0 (150 HP) “Edition Plus” AT6 1 541 900
2.0 (150 HP) Prestige AT6 1 574 900
2.0 (150 л.с.) GT Line AT6 1 649 900
2.0 (150 л.с.) GT Line+ AT6 1 709 900

MT6 – 6-speed mechanics, AT6 – 6-speed automatic.

  • Equipment Comfort immediately includes six airbags, ABS and ESP, power and heated mirrors, air conditioning, power windows, heated front seats and washer nozzles, and an audio system.
  • Version Luxe additionally has foglights, dual-zone climate control and electric heater, heated leather steering wheel, cruise control, and rear parking sensors.
  • Execution Prestige – this is, among other things, multimedia with an eight-inch screen and a rear-view camera, front parking sensors, heated rear sofa, a system for selecting driving electronics modes, plus light-alloy wheels.
  • Equipment Premium boasts diode optics, a color display of an on-board computer instead of monochrome, a wireless charging function for a smartphone, a “blind” spot monitoring system, as well as keyless access to the salon and an engine start button.
  • And for the new Cerato, a version was added Premium+, only in which an electric driver’s seat and a leather interior are provided.

Pros and cons of KIA Cerato 4

+ Pros

  • Controllability
  • Suspension
  • Spacious salon
– Minuses

  • Weak paintwork
  • Ergonomics

Reviews of the owners of Kia Cerato 2020-2021

The salon is good, everything is modern, fashionable, beautifully done, kind of done according to the mind, the main thing is convenient. At first I was embarrassed by the number of picks, sensors, warnings, especially when changing lanes … A week and got used to it, with a strong desire – everything turns off. I just didn’t understand the joke with folding the rear seats, somehow it was done in a moronic fashion, but I’m not going to carry anything on it, so I don’t care.

Review of the new KIA Cerato 2.0 (150 HP) automatic transmission in 2019

LCP… There is no living space on the hood and fenders to run 4,000 km. Hundreds of chips, there are simply too many of them. I can tell you that I keep as far as possible from both oncoming and passing traffic. In the chips are all the doors and even the roof (the trunk has not yet looked). This is the trouble!

Ainur, review about Kia Cerato Lux 1.6 (128 hp) on the mechanics of 2019

The GU screen is terrible, excessively bright even at the minimum settings, with a low resolution (although it is very large there and not needed, but for that kind of money it is a shame). There is not enough lumbar height adjustment. There are not enough pockets and shelves, at least one USB in the back row (for example, instead of the one in the armrest). The sound is average, dear Shumka too. The leather on the steering wheel is very delicate and easily damaged.

I would especially like to note the almost total curvature / inconsistency of the front doors in relation to the rear. Of at least 5 cars that I saw in three showrooms – in four, this problem was visible to the naked eye.

Oleg Kuptsov, a review of the Kia Cerato GT Line + 2.0 with a gun 2019

I have already hit 2,500 km and I can say that there is a difference from the previous Cerato. Chassis – it has become more assembled, the rolls are less, especially noticeable on the dirt road. Of course, the 17th wheel diameter makes its contribution (before that it was the 16th). We need to be more careful to drive through irregularities, but the suspension works well.

The steering is more intelligible, the car reacts sharper and clearer to the steering wheel. It is especially noticeable when you are distracted and lightly touch the steering wheel to the side with your hand, and the car is immediately behind it. You have to be more careful. On the old steering wheel, it allowed small deviations without changing the trajectory. You have to feel it.

Pavel, review of the new model KIA Cerato Premium 2.0 (150 HP) automatic 2019

There is plenty of space in the cabin (I am 178 cm and sit down calmly behind me). There are not enough pockets for various small things (like on Toyota Fielder), everything is folded into the glove compartment and the armrest. The seats are comfortable with lateral support, but there is no lumbar support, you have to somehow get out.

Mirrors are too small after Fielder, but I’m used to it. The front pillars are very wide and overwhelmed, I thought they were wide on Fielder, but no – I was wrong. When turning to the right, you need to look very carefully.

Review of KIA Cerato 2.0 with automatic 2020 onwards

Which car do you prefer?


Kia Cerato 2021

The new 2021 Kia Cerato body is based on the upgraded K2 front-wheel drive platform, on which the previous generation model was also built. The car has a transverse engine, while its body is more than half (54%) of high-strength steels.

At the front, the Korean four-door uses an independent McPherson suspension, and at the rear, a semi-independent structure with a torsion beam and hydraulic shock absorbers. All wheels are equipped with disc brakes, ventilated at the front.

Sedan Kia Cerato 4 has the following overall dimensions, mm

  • Length – 4 640
  • Width – 1 800
  • Height – 1 450
  • Wheelbase – 2 700
  • Ground clearance (clearance) – 150

The trunk volume of the model is 505 liters, and the volume of the fuel tank is 50 liters. In running order, the Korean four-door weighs from 1 195 to 1 235 kg (depending on the selected engine and configuration).

The line of power units of the new Kia Cerato 2021 model consists of two gasoline engines, while the younger unit can work both with a six-speed mechanics and with a similar automatic transmission, while the older one is supposed to exclusively have an automatic transmission. All modifications of the sedan are exclusively front-wheel drive.

Salon Kia Cerato 2021

  • The base 1.6-liter engine develops 128 hp. (155 Nm), while acceleration from zero to hundreds for the version with manual transmission is 10.6 seconds, and for the version with automatic transmission – 11.6 seconds. You can accelerate the car up to 200 km / h (195 km / h with automatic transmission).
  • The top 2.0-liter engine produces 150 forces and 192 Nm of torque. A sedan equipped with such an engine is capable of accelerating from 0-100 km / h in 9.8 seconds, and its maximum speed reaches 203 km / h.

For a C-class sedan, the performance of a two-liter engine is enough, but nothing more. As the test drive showed, overclocking to hundreds of the new Cerato still does not correspond to the time indicated on the data sheet. But the owners should appreciate the work of the machine, which changes gears smoothly and on time.

The Kia Cerato chassis is also designed to please the driver. Despite the rear beam, the four-door suspension is configured correctly, while the revised steering settings made the car as responsive as possible, and the unpleasant void in the near-zero zone and the need to steer in long corners are a thing of the past.

Interesting Facts

Kia Cerato 2021

After the start of sales of this model in the Russian market, the manufacturer also decided to keep its predecessor, which was eventually renamed Kia Cerato Classic, which was assembled at the Avtotor plant in Kaliningrad.

In the US, this model is sold under the name Kia Forte, while overseas there is also a hatchback version, which has never been officially supplied to us.

Photo of the new Kia Cerato 2021

Overview (exterior and interior)

The new Kia Cerato of the 4th generation was first presented to the public at the January 2018 Detroit Auto Show, and in Russia the model was shown in August of the same year at an exhibition in Moscow. With the change of generation, the sedan not only slightly added in size, but also got a more adult appearance.

First of all, KIA designers tried to minimize the amount of chrome decorative elements, which is especially noticeable on the front of the car, where the four-door received a branded “tiger nose” radiator grill with a blackened mesh structure, larger side air intakes in the front bumper and gloomy LED headlights.

Kia Cerato GT-Line

The silhouette of the Kia Cerato 2021 in a new body has become noticeably more dynamic. To do this, the stylists seriously moved the cockpit back, and also changed the sloping roof line, which now smoothly merges into the massive rear pillars. Also, one cannot fail to note the embossed sidewalls and a neat spoiler on the trunk lid.

At the stern, attention is drawn to graceful lights, united by a thin red stripe, while the Koreans placed turn signals and reversing lights in the lower sections of the rear bumper.

No less significant changes took place in the Kia Cerato 2020. The interior of the car received a more modern design, while the company abandoned the multimedia screen mounted in the center console in favor of a free-standing tablet.

The touchscreen of the latter here has a diagonal of 8.0 inches and rises in the center of the front panel. Directly below it there is a block of hot keys with “twists”, and even below you can see ventilation deflectors and a microclimate control unit.

Plus, one cannot fail to note the plump three-spoke multifunction steering wheel and the brightly marked analog tidy. The latter pleases with clear and well-readable fonts, as well as a horizontally oriented screen of the onboard computer. The driver and front passenger are offered comfortable ergonomic seats with developed lateral support rollers, and a sofa profiled for three people is located in the back.

Interior of Kia Serato 4

However, you won’t be able to sit down and go right away. To get comfortable, the driver will have to look for “his” fit. This is a little upsetting, especially considering that the lumbar support is exclusively controlled by the top-end Cerato. Plus, tall drivers may lack the length of the seat cushion, while people of short and medium height will simply not notice this shortcoming.

The interior of Kia Serato itself is quite spacious, thanks to which even passengers under 190 cm tall can be accommodated in the back.There are no questions about its ergonomics: the car has a comfortable rim of a three-spoke steering wheel and a competent arrangement of buttons, so getting used to the interior is quick and painless.

Car test drive video

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