KIA EV6 2021 – photo and price, characteristics of the new model

At the end of March twenty-first, KIA completely declassified the EV6 electric off-road hatchback, which became the first production model of the South Korean brand, made in a new corporate style.

This electric car is radically different from the previous brand cars. In particular, there is no proprietary radiator grille “Tiger Nose”, while the “face” itself is made in the style called “Digital Tiger Face”. By the way, the characteristic pattern of running lights is here called to resemble the “digital face of a tiger”.


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The new KIA EV6 has unusual body proportions with a low bonnet and a long wheelbase. The developers managed to achieve them due to the features of the E-GMP electromobile platform.

As for the interior, the electric car received upholstery from recycled materials, as well as 12.3-inch displays of digital instrumentation and a multimedia system, placed on a single panel without a visor. Plus, the model has a large projection screen with augmented reality effect, superimposing navigation tips right on the road.

Also, the five-door is characterized by the presence of a block of “hot” touch keys with two rotating handles on the sides. It is located under the central ventilation deflectors and is used to control the main functions of the car.

Note that the specialists of the Korean brand did not completely abandon the analog buttons in the cabin, retaining the physical buttons on the steering wheel, the block to the left of it and the central tunnel, which is here separated from the front panel.


KIA EV6 is built on the basis of the electric modular platform E-GMP, on which the Hyundai Ioniq 5 SUV is also based. The overall length of the cross-hatch is 4,680 mm, the size of its wheelbase is 2,900, width – 1,880, height – 1,550 millimeters.

The declared volume of the trunk “under the curtain” is 520 liters. By folding the rear seats down, the storage space can be increased to 1,300 liters. At the same time, the electric car has another trunk in the front. On rear-wheel drive cars, its capacity is 52 liters, and on all-wheel drive cars – only 20 liters.

For the new Kia EB6 model, five different modifications are announced, the curb weight of which varies from 1.8 to 2.0 tons. The basic version of the Standard Range has a 170 hp electric motor located on the rear axle. (350 Nm), as well as a traction battery with a capacity of 58 kWh. The cruising range of such a car is 400 km.

On a more advanced all-wheel drive version of the electric motors, there are already two. In total, they give out 235 forces (605 Nm). The battery is the same here, but the range is slightly less – 380 km.


The Long Range modification is equipped with a 77.4 kWh battery. You can order such a hatchback with both rear and all-wheel drive. In the first case, the hatch relies on an electric motor with 228 hp. (350 Nm), and in the second – the output of the two units reaches 325 forces (605 Nm). The single-drive version can travel up to 510 km without recharging, and the all-wheel drive – 490 km.

Note that all of the above EV6 variants can be ordered in the sporty GT Line. Such cars have a more developed body kit, as well as a reconfigured chassis and a different steering mechanism.

The flagship of the line is the “hot” version of the KIA EV6 GT. It is already in the base all-wheel drive, and the motor on the front axle produces 218 hp, and on the rear – 367 forces. Thus, their total output reaches 585 “horses” and 740 Nm of torque. In other words, we have before us the most powerful Kia car in history.

The top hatchback has an electronic imitation of the rear differential lock, while on the steering wheel there is a bright sport mode activation button. The Koreans note that it takes 3.5 seconds for such a car to accelerate from zero to a hundred, and the maximum speed reaches 260 km / h.


The flagship has a 77.4 kWh battery, with which it can travel up to 400 km without recharging. Note that the new Kia EV6 has three recuperation modes. The most efficient of these (i-Pedal) allows you to adjust the travel speed with just one accelerator pedal.

Even the fastest terminals with a voltage of 800 volts and a power of 350 kW can recharge the battery of an electric car. When using them, you can replenish the battery charge for a throw of 100 kilometers in just 5 minutes, and recharging to 80% takes about 18 minutes.

It is interesting that the model has a household outlet to which external consumers with a power of up to 3.6 kW can be connected. Plus, you can use it to recharge another electric car.

Another feature of the KIA EV6 is the second level autopilot. Essentially, it is an advanced cruise control with lane-keeping and traffic sign recognition, and a remote-controlled car park.

The electric car will be produced exclusively in Korea, and the acceptance of orders for the model is already open. The sales geography promises to be extensive. In July of the twenty-first, sales will start on the home market, and in the fall the first copies will reach Europe.


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