Lada Niva Legend 2021 – Photo And Price, Characteristics Of Lada Niva Legend Owner Reviews (all Cons)

How much is the new Lada Niva Legend 2021 in Russia: the price of an SUV on the official dealer’s website varies from 619 900 to 760 900 rubles… The car is sold in four trim levels: Classic, Luxe, Urban and [Black].

Under the hood, the Lada Niva Legend offers an uncontested 1.7-liter gasoline engine, which is paired with a five-speed manual transmission. The car is offered in a three- and five-door body, while already in the base there is a permanent all-wheel drive and a transfer case with a reduction gear.

Lada Niva Legend 3D 2021

Configuration and prices of Lada Niva Legend 3D 2021

Equipment price, rub.
1.7 (83 HP) Classic 4 × 4 MT5 632 900
1.7 (83 lbs) Luxe 4 × 4 MT5 649 900
1.7 (83 hp) Luxe with air conditioning 4 × 4 MT5 688 900
1.7 (83 hp) Urban 4 × 4 MT5 708 900
1.7 (83 HP) [BLACK] 4×4 MT5 717 900

MT5 – mechanics 5-speed, 4×4 – four-wheel drive

Lada lineup

  • In basic configuration Classic the equipment of the SUV is not rich: there are 16-inch steel wheels, ABS, front power windows and power steering. For off-road qualities, a center differential lock and a reduction gear are responsible.
  • “Medium” version Luxe features 16-inch light-alloy wheels and metallic painted bodywork, while its equipment has been expanded with heated seats and electrically adjustable heated mirrors. An air conditioner for such a machine is available as an option.
  • Top version Urban the air conditioner is already in the base. Plus the flagship configuration includes foglights, as well as body-colored bumpers and sills.
  • Special execution [BLACK] in terms of equipment corresponds to Urban, but has the original upholstery with a black headlining.

Pros and cons of Lada Niva Legend

+ Pros

  • Reliability
  • Suspension
  • Passability
– Minuses

  • Dynamics
  • Build quality
  • Transfer case (howls)
  • Fuel consumption
  • Noise isolation

Owner reviews Lada Niva 4×4 2020-2021

The distributor howls like the kettle is boiling. The injector burns on a cold one, troit, I turn it off, I turn it on – everything goes out, let them look at zero maintenance. Transmission kicks are palpable. For comparison, the father’s Niva 2018 is even quieter in the cabin and without kicks in the transmission. After 1,000 km I went better. Consumption of 10 liters on the highway and up to 16 liters in the city (on a computer).

In general, I like the car. Yes, the consumption is too large and there are no dynamics, but on my last Fabia in 2014, the consumption seems to be small, but replacing the chain, brake discs, engine mountings and even little things – they overlap all the savings in gasoline.

Review of the new Lada Niva Legend 1.7 MT 2021

I will skip the purchase process. Take it and go. Well, how did I go, let’s say it mildly – “without enthusiasm.” The car does not pick up speed at all, the stench in the cabin is terrible, apparently from the updated panel, the speeds are turned on tightly, and even when the clutch is squeezed out, terrible blows. I hoped for “maybe” and drove towards the house.

“Perhaps” did not disappoint, after 50 kilometers the knocking stopped, and it seems like even the car went livelier. The distribution box, by the way, howls, at different speeds in different ways, sometimes it stops talking. The steering wheel is wobbling in the column, the bearings or bushings are like that – I don’t know. The third door rattles, long live the blue duct tape.

Review of Lada Niva 4 × 4 1.7 with mechanics 2020

Yesterday there was a severe blizzard and few people were able to leave work (except me). When I started the car and said that I would go home, the owners of the four-wheel drive crossovers laughed. And how then I laughed when a crowd of four-wheel drive Honda and other cars were dug out)

It’s hard to imagine, but Niva paved the way for everyone without getting stuck anywhere. There were moments when the car stopped, but I turned on the back one, then the first one and again went forward, shifting the snow. In this mode, I drove 500 meters. Then the glass of the front lamp burst, which was not changed under warranty, but the aluminum bumpers withstood the load of 5+.

Nikolay, review of Lada 4 × 4 1.7 (83 HP) manual transmission 2019

It is very pleasant that there is a lot of space in front of you because of the unfilled windshield. With my height of 183 cm above my head, there were 5 fingers and I wanted to sit higher – I bought a cushion on the seat, which gave 3-4 cm. The movement of the seat when moving back is enough for me with a margin. My wife fits in the back seat.

Folding the front seats is comfortable. The trunk is quite roomy. The seat in the city is not bad. However, my back gets a little tired after two hours of driving on the highway. Conder coped at 30 degrees, but the stock was not felt. I’m afraid that in our summer 35-40 degrees it will be hot during the day.

Vasily, a review about the new Niva 4 × 4 1.7 with manual transmission 2020


Lada Niva Legend 5D 2021

Lada Niva Legend 2021 is built on the basis of a frame chassis. On the front axle of the SUV, an independent suspension with double wishbones is installed, and at the rear there is a dependent, with a rigid twisted beam. The braking system consists of disc brakes at the front and drum at the rear.

The classic “Niva” already has a four-wheel drive in the base. The center differential here distributes the thrust between the axles equally (50:50). Plus, the car has a downshift in the transfer case and a forced center differential lock, which can help a motorist off-road.

The Lada Niva Legend SUV has the following overall dimensions, mm

  • Length – 4,240 (3,740 – three-door version)
  • Width – 1 680
  • Height – 1 640
  • Wheelbase – 2 700 (2 200 for a three-door)
  • Ground clearance (clearance) – 200

In the five-door Lada 4×4, the default boot volume is 420 liters (780 liters – with the rear sofa folded down), and on the three-door it is even less – 265 liters (585). The fuel tank of the 5D version has a volume of 65 liters, while on the 3D it is only 42 liters. When loaded, the five-door weighs 1,425 kg, and the three-door weighs 1,285 kg.

New Lada Niva Lenenda 5D

Configuration and prices of Lada Niva Legend 5D 2021

Equipment price, rub.
1.7 (83 HP) Classic 4 × 4 MT5 705 900
1.7 (83 lbs) Luxe 4 × 4 MT5 722 900
1.7 (83 hp) Luxe with air conditioning 4 × 4 MT5 761 900
1.7 (83 hp) Urban 4 × 4 MT5 781 900
1.7 (83 HP) [BLACK] 4×4 MT5 790 900

MT5 – mechanics 5-speed, 4×4 – four-wheel drive

The Russian SUV is offered exclusively with the VAZ-21214 1.7-liter four-row engine with 83 hp. (129 Nm), which works in tandem with a five-speed manual transmission. The three-door version of the model is capable of accelerating from zero to hundred in 17.0 seconds, reaching speeds of up to 142 km / h. The five-door is somewhat slower: its performance is 19.0 seconds and 137 km / h, respectively.

The noise isolation of the classic Niva interior is mediocre (if any). It is unlikely that you will be able to listen to music on the way, since both the hum of the engine and the noise from the road are added to the sound of the speakers. And the plastic rattles, the clutch pedal creaks, and in the extreme positions the hydraulic booster also whistles. And, of course, we must not forget about the loudly howling razdatka. In general, the cacophony is still the same!

During the last update, Lada Niva Legend received more comfortable front seats with a different padding, in which you can easily withstand a couple of hours of continuous driving. Also, AvtoVAZ tried to improve the ergonomics of the car by revising the location of some buttons and levers, but these controls did not receive illumination, which means that in the dark they have to operate them blindly.

On the track, the new Lada Niva Legend of stars from the sky is not enough. The SUV picks up speed slowly, and its handling is far from ideal. However, the car is still able to drive stably at 120 km / h, periodically overtaking and changing lanes.

Salon Lada Niva Legend

The suspension of the model confidently “swallows” small and medium irregularities, and the higher the speed, the more imperceptibly it is possible to slip through them. In general, the car is not afraid of bad roads, while its native element is rough terrain.

Despite the low-power engine, the Lada Niva Legend 2021 in a new body boasts outstanding cross-country ability. Due to the short base, the car confidently crawls up steep slopes and is able to turn around even on tiny meadows.

Interesting Facts

The classic SUV VAZ-2121 has been produced under the native name “Niva” since 1977, and the five-door version of the model later received the same name. However, in two thousand and six the car was renamed into Lada 4 × 4, as the name “Niva” became the prerogative of Chevrolet Niva.

In the nineteenth year, AvtoVAZ regained the rights to this trademark and decided to rename it again. As a result, Lada 4 × 4 again became Niva, while the prefix Legend was added to its name. The need for the latter is due to the fact that buyers do not confuse the model with the modern Niva Travel (renamed Chevrolet Niva).

The classic SUV has an Urban version, which differs from all others in the presence of neat plastic bumpers instead of far protruding metal bumpers. Due to this decision, the developers managed to reduce the length of the model by 10 cm. Also, this configuration relies on improved noise insulation with ergonomics and air conditioning.

Photo of the new Lada Niva Legend 2021

Car test drive video

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