Land Rover Vision Concept hints at the capabilities of the new Discovery (photos)

Land Rover has unveiled the Vision Concept SUV for the 2014 New York Auto Show, a harbinger of the next generation of Discovery models.

The prototype features a bold design with hinged rear doors without a B-pillar, a Range Rover Sport 2 styled front end and large 23-inch wheels. The seven-seater interior of the SUV has a landing formula of 2 + 3 + 2.

Land Rover Vision Concept

Each of the second and third row seats inside the Land Rover Vision Concept can be electrically moved forward and backward and folded to provide a wide variety of transformation options.

Special non-staining waterproof Foglizzo leather is used as upholstery, and natural wood inserts are used in the interior decoration. Leisure for rear passengers is provided by tablet computers with large 10-inch touch screens.

Land Rover Vision Concept Salon

Nothing is reported about the technical stuffing of the Land Rover Vision concept, but the manufacturer spoke in detail about a number of interesting systems, for example, about the function of the “transparent hood”. Special video cameras on the radiator grille scan the image in front of the car, sending the image to the head-up display, which creates the impression of a transparent bonnet.

Also in the arsenal of the SUV there is a remote control system that allows you to control the car remotely at low speeds using a special regulator or a smartphone application. This can be useful in a parking lot or when overcoming particularly difficult off-road sections.

Концепт Land Rover Discovery Vision

The owners of modern Range Rovers are no longer surprised by the function of measuring the depth of the ford to be overcome. But it works only in fact, and Land Rover Vision is equipped with a new generation Wade Aid system, which, using sensors, recognizes the depth of the ford in front of the car, even before diving into the water.

The laser sensors of the Laser Terrain Scanning function installed in the foglights “draw” a map with the terrain in front of the car on the display in the SUV’s cabin. A new generation of the Terrain Response off-road system will help to overcome all obstacles, the details of which have not yet been reported.

Which of the above will be on the production version of the new Land Rover Discovery and when to wait for its appearance at all, the manufacturer is silent.

Видео Land Rover Vision Concept

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