Lexus ES 2022 – photo and price, technical characteristics of the new model

Lexus has unveiled the revamped 2022 ES sedan, which has a new radiator grille on the outside, the concentrated pattern of which now consists of many L-shaped bars.

The car also received different LED headlights and a revised range of wheel rims, which can be 17 to 19 inches in diameter.

Lexus ES 2022

Lexus lineup

The color palette of the model has again undergone changes: the developers abandoned the shades “Atomic Silver”, “Silver Lining” and “Nebula Gray” in favor of the colors “Iridium” and “Cloudburst Gray”.

As for the interior, the multimedia system has finally received a touch-skin. It has an 8.0-inch display in the base, although it can be ordered with a 12.3-inch one. Interestingly, the developers have pushed this screen 109 mm forward, thereby making it easier to access.

The powertrain lineup has not changed, although the model has received a new variant of the ES 300h F Sport. This version has all the attributes inherent in F Sport, but at the same time it is equipped with an eco-friendly hybrid plant with a total output of 218 hp.

In turn, a new Dynamic Handling Package has become available for the ES 350 F Sport modification. It includes two additional ride presets (Sport + and Custom) as well as an adaptive suspension. The latter has 650 levels of adjustment and uses certain settings depending on the performance of numerous sensors and sensors.

Lexus ES 2022

Note that the updated Lexus EC already in the base boasts a modified rear suspension, which has contributed to an increase in comfort and stability.

Plus, the sedan received a modified braking system, which now has smoother feedback. At the same time, the Japanese also increased the size of the brake pedal itself, so that it would be more convenient for the driver to interact with it.

In addition, the latest version of the Lexus Safety System + 2.5 complex has become available for the Lexus EU 2022 model year. It includes many electronic assistants, including automatic braking and collision avoidance functions.

In addition, the company has revised the cruise control settings, so that now it works “smoother”. Plus, the Japanese have expanded its autonomous capabilities. So, if the motorist sets a certain speed, but the car in front turns out to be slower, then the driver will only have to press the turn signal. The sedan will then automatically change lanes and accelerate to the specified speed.

Lexus ES 2022

Another innovation is a feature called “Curve Speed ​​Reduction”, which automatically reduces the speed when cornering. Plus, the Japanese have improved the algorithm for keeping the car in the lane.

Acceptance of orders for the updated Lexus ES in Russia was opened in early August, and the first “live” cars should reach dealers in the fall. A detailed price list has not yet been published, but it is known that the price of the basic version starts at 3,391,000 rubles.


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