Many people think that a heavy pickup with a V8 “waits” for a lot of fuel: it is not

Bought a Dodge Ram 1500, a big American pickup with a 400 hp V8 engine, four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, including ventilation and heating. The machine is designed for towing a trailer, overcoming off-road and comfortable travel.

Off-road, the Dodge behaves decently, the engine power is always enough, even without downshifting. It rises confidently into the hills, given that it has only an inter-axle lock. We even dragged Toyota up one hill!

Review of Dodge Ram 5.7 (395 HP) 4WD AT 2013

Author: ChemRUS

The disadvantages are its size and geometry. It was difficult to maneuver in a small copse. The geometry can be slightly corrected with an elevator and oversized wheels. And also in the car there is a weak lowering in the transfer case. During a sharp descent, it accelerates a lot, so you have to slow down.

Many people think that a heavy pickup with a V8 “eats” a lot of fuel, I heard figures from 25 liters when driving in the city, but this is not so. My car is 2013 with a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission and a half-cylinder shut-off system. In combination, this gives an excellent result. In Moscow, in winter, in a quiet mode, but with warming up, at an average speed of 22-30 km / h, 14-18 liters of gasoline are consumed per 100 kilometers.

We rode along the toll road M11 Moscow-St. Petersburg-Moscow and across the Leningrad region with a trailer (1200 kg), on a carriage (650 kg) with four wheels on disks (280 kg) and things. There were three of us in the cabin. We drove at an average speed of 100-120 km / h. For 1,500 kilometers, the fuel consumption was about 300 liters, which is quite worthy.

Of course, if you do not drive calmly, but press the gas to the floor all the time, then the flow rate will be huge, but the Ram’s dynamics are enough to drive at the speed of the flow. Previously, I had a diesel Audi Q7 2012, and before it an Audi gasoline. By the way, the Frame has a similar automatic transmission, quite reliable. I will compare my sensations from driving this car with a diesel Audi.

At speeds up to 100 km / h, the Dodge is quieter than the Audi. And at a higher speed, the opposite is true. This is because the Frame has larger wheels and a completely different geometry.

But this disadvantage does not greatly affect comfort. The stock Frame has a kind of suspension. On smooth asphalt, it overcomes waves perfectly, but small irregularities are felt. I will solve this problem with tuning.

The most pleasant bonus is that with a power of 400 hp. the transport tax on my car in Moscow is only 20,000 rubles. This is because, despite the onboard type, the car belongs to category B. On it you can enter the center of Moscow and move in the left lane on the highway.

In conclusion, I want to say that I think the Dodge Ram is a universal car for active people and a large family. The only inconvenience is the difficulty of parking in busy yards: it is not easy to find a parking space for a 5.8 m vehicle.


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