Marussia B1 and Marussia B2 Russian supercars

Supercar Marussia was developed in Russia by a domestic company Marussia Motors (Marusya Motors). This company was formed in 2007 and literally in half a year has already announced that supercars will be produced in Russia, which undoubtedly shocked and bewildered most of the motorists of our country.

In such a short period of time, a concept for the production of a new supercar, its design, production and invention of the main elements, the creation of advertising moves and other solutions, was born in the newly-made Russian company Marussia Motors. Agree, in the global automotive industry in such a short period of time, few people have achieved such deafening and grandiose successes.

Marussia Motors

The first presentation of the new car took place in Moscow on December 16, 2008. Famous showman and racer, and now also the president of the company Marussia MotorsNikolay Fomenko, who presented a new supercar at the presentation, assured everyone that Marussia would be sold and enjoyed success not only in Russia, but also abroad.

Nikolai Fomenko also stressed that the domestic car is able to catch up with even such a famous manufacturer as Lamborghini. Main feature Marusi in front of foreign companies, according to Nikolai Fomenko, is that it will be less expensive. If European companies, as a rule, use spars integrated into the body to create a roof, then in domestic development it will be much simpler – the roof body will be made of carbon fiber, in the production process of which there is no need to resort to the services of expensive metalworking shops and rolling lines.

The first Russian supercar Marussia B1

Marussia B1 has a modern, sporty and aggressive design. It is worth noting that apart from the attractive appearance, everything in the B1 model matches the supercar and under the hood. The most powerful engine capable of developing up to 420 horsepower with a torque of 4000 Nm. The six-cylinder engine on the B1 version is equipped with a turbocharger.

Independent front and rear suspension, six-speed automatic transmission, ventilated discs, low weight of the car (just over 1000 kg), acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.8 seconds – all this emphasizes that in Russia they really know how to make modern cars, nothing not inferior, and in many respects and overtaking European and world car models. Price Marussia B1 is about 100 thousand euros.

There is also a demand for Marusia cars abroad

Marussia B2 – the second, more expensive modification of the Russian supercar. The cost of the car is 117 thousand euros. The engine of the novelty was developed jointly with the British company Cosworth, the gearbox is robotic and manufactured by Ricardo. The B2 model is especially proud of its multimedia system, produced and invented in Russia.

It has been made by the best minds of our country for 2.5 years. As Nikolai Fomenko said: “This system reads and reproduces everything that is possible.” In fact, it is. Supercar multimedia system Marussia B2 includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Glonass, 4G, Skype, radio and TV. Among other things, this multimedia system allows you to connect up to 12 different cameras to it (there are 5 cameras in the basic configuration).

More powerful version of the supercar Marussia B2 - photo

In addition, the device in question has 320 GB of memory and is based on a 4-core processor. Another feature of the B2 is the steering. In standard mode, at speeds over 35 km / h, the steering wheel begins to “fill” with weight. In Sport mode, steering wheel adjustments and settings can be selected directly in the car.

Suspension car Marusya also special. It was invented in Russia, but production is established in Germany. This suspension allows the supercar to significantly increase the ground clearance by 7.5 centimeters, so that the car can effortlessly overcome, for example, speed bumps.

Photos Marussia B1 and B2

More recently, on September 10, 2010, in Moscow at ul. The first Russian showroom was opened in Tverskoy. Now supercars produced by Marussia can be bought in the very heart of the capital of our country.

To date, according to Nikolai Fomenko, the Marussia car has already begun to be sold abroad. Now 19 lucky ones have received a Russian supercar. If you believe the words of the president of the company, then at present Marussia Motors (Maroussia Motoros) there are about 700 purchase orders from countries such as Germany, France and England.

The photo shows cars Marusya B1 and B2

Domestic buyers will start purchasing “Marusya” only after the fashion in Europe for the Russian supercar becomes widespread. One way or another, it is already pleasing that a really serious car production is starting in Russia, in terms of its quality and parameters not inferior to the best world manufacturers.

You can find out more details about Russian supercars Marussia at official website of marusia auto.

Video test drive Marussia B1

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