Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 S 2020

For the new Mercedes GLA II crossover of the second generation, a “charged” version from AMG has been prepared – the premiere of such a model will take place at the Geneva Motor Show 2020. Two modifications are available for the car at once: the basic version of the Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 and a more powerful version with the letter “S” in title.

From the original SUV, the novelty is easily recognizable by the aggressive front bumper with large side air intakes, a splitter and small flaps. Plus there is a proprietary radiator grille with vertical ribs, but the same is installed on the “heated” version of the GLA 35.

Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 2020

Configurations and prices Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 2021

Equipment Price
2.0 (421 л.с.) GLA 45 S 4MATIC+ RT8 5 360 000

RT8 – 8-speed robot, 4MATIC + – four-wheel drive

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But unlike the latter, black painted side mirrors are installed here, a large spoiler above the glass of the fifth door, and four wing exhaust pipes in the sports rear bumper instead of two. On the new Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 S 2020, 20-inch wheels flaunt (for a surcharge it is offered for 21 “), and the usual” forty-fifth “wheels are put on 19”.

In the cabin, the “charged” crossover sports a sports steering wheel and seats, metal pedals, a special graphic design for displaying the instrument panel, as well as a characteristic decor for interior decoration.

Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 2020

The car is driven by the familiar from other “forty-fifth” models, a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo engine of the M139 series, which is paired with an 8-band AMG Speedshift DCT-8G robotic gearbox with two wet clutches and AMG Performance 4Matic + all-wheel drive with individual couplings for connecting the rear wheels. True, there is no special drift mode here, only the ability to control the thrust vector is left.

  • The regular GLA 45 uses a boost pressure of 1.9 bar, which gives the engine a power output of 387 hp. and 480 Nm of torque (on the predecessor with the M133 engine it was 381 hp and 475 Nm). From a place to a hundred, this modification accelerates in 4.4 seconds, the maximum speed is limited at around 250 km / h.
  • The boost pressure on the top-end 2020 Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 S is 2.1 bar, so the power is increased to 421 “horses” and 500 Nm. As a result, the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h was reduced to 4.3 seconds, and the electronic “collar” was weakened to 270 kilometers per hour.

In addition, the most powerful version of the crossover has six-piston brakes with 360 mm discs at the front, while the slightly more modest version has four-piston brakes and 350 mm discs. Both machines have single-piston brakes on the rear axle with 330mm discs.

Other technical features of the new GLA 45 model include the presence of a stretch between the “cups” of the front suspension, diagonal stretch marks under the bottom of the car and an aluminum panel under the power unit. In the base cars are equipped with a quick start function “Race-Start”, and for a surcharge, the AMG Ride Control suspension with adaptive shock absorbers and three modes of its operation is offered.

The start of sales of the new Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 S in Russia fell on the summer of the twentieth, the minimum car price is 5,360,000 rubles. It was decided to deliver to us only the top-end modification with the letter “S” with a capacity of 421 hp.


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