Mercedes E-Class 2020 – the price of the model, a photo in a new body, the characteristics of the Mercedes E-Class W213 restyling

For the Geneva Motor Show two thousand and twentieth, the Germans prepared an updated Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2021 in the back of the W213, and at the exhibition, which the organizers were forced to cancel, the manufacturer was going to show immediately a sedan, a station wagon and an all-terrain modification of the All-Terrain.

The new body of the Mercedes E-class 2019-2020 model year has not changed so much, while the main transformations have taken place in the front and rear of the car. How successful they were at the same time – let everyone decide for himself, but from the photo it seems that the design solutions were not the most successful.

Mercedes E-Class 2020

Configuration and prices Mercedes E-Class 2021.

Equipment price, rub.
2.0 (197 л.с.) E200 Sport AT9 4 940 000
2.0D (194 л.с.) E220d Premium 4MATIC AT9 4 950 000
2.0 (197 л.с.) E200 Sport 4MATIC AT9 5 080 000
2.0D (194 л.с.) E220d Sport 4MATIC AT9 5 110 000
2.0 (197 л.с.) E200 Intelligent Drive 4MATIC AT9 5 540 000
2.0 (197 л.с.) E200 Sport Plus 4MATIC AT9 5 550 000
2.0D (265 л.с.) E300d Sport Plus 4MATIC AT9 5 990 000
2.0h (333 л.с.) E300 Sport 4MATIC AT9 6 150 000
3.0 (367 л.с.) E450 Sport 4MATIC AT9 6 700 000
4.0 (435 л.с.) E53 AMG 4MATIC+ AT9 7 580 000
4.0 (612 л.с.) E63s AMG 4MATIC+ AT9 10 460 000

AT9 – automatic 9-speed, 4MATIC – four-wheel drive, d – diesel, h – hybrid

Mercedes lineup

At the front, the car has got a new head optics, which are now fully LED in the base, and for a surcharge, customers are offered advanced intelligent Multibeam headlights. At the same time, the optics lost the two diode strips characteristic of the pre-reform version.

The radiator grille and front bumper have also been revised, with three exterior options available for the model: Avantgarde Line, Exclusive Line and AMG Line. In the latter case, the car sports not only more aggressive bumpers, but also an embossed hood with “power domes” protrusions.

Mercedes E-Class 2020

At the rear, the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2021 model immediately reveals itself by the horizontal headlights, which now partially go over the boot lid. As in the case of the new generation CLS presented earlier, the rear lighting technology on the Yeshke raises questions from some angles and looks controversial.

In profile, the four-door has not changed much, and we can only note the appearance of new design wheels and three additional options for painting the body. The interior as a whole also remained the same and lost the version with an analog device, which was previously installed on the simplest versions.

Mercedes E-Class 2020

Now, all options have two screens on the front panel – the left one is responsible for displaying the dashboard, the right one is for multimedia. By default, both screens are 10.25 “diagonal, while optionally they can be 12.3”. Also, a new steering wheel appeared in the car – it can be with double side spokes, or three-spoke with a wide lower section.

The multimedia system here is the latest generation MBUX, which has already appeared on almost all models of the company, and only now has finally reached the E-Class W213. Recall that they are equipped with advanced voice control, and the standard navigation system now comes with an augmented reality function, which determines the numbers of houses along the street and displays prompts on the display.

Also, on the new Mercedes E-class 2021, special “kinetic” front seats appeared, the feature of which is in slightly changing the position of the cushions and backrests, which allows you to reduce fatigue while driving during a long trip. There is also the PowerNap system – a program for managing comfort systems that helps to fall asleep, sleep and wake up when stopping in a recreation area.


Mercedes E-Class 2020-2021 in a new body boasts a wide range of power units, the power of gasoline engines varies from 156-367 hp, and diesel – 160 to 330 hp. At the same time, two engines turned out to be completely new – this is a 2.0-liter “turbo four” M254 with 272 hp, as well as an inline “turbo-six” M256 for 367 “horses” with a working volume of 3.0 liters, while supplemented by a 48-volt starter-generator 20 hp and 180 Nm.

Mercedes E-Class 2020

Rechargeable hybrid vehicles with an additional electric motor (122 hp and 440 Nm) also remained in service, and now there are seven such modifications in the lineup, which are offered for sedans and station wagons with gasoline and diesel engines, as well as with rear ones, and with all-wheel drive.

On the Russian market, the range of engines available for the model will be significantly reduced, while which versions will get to our market has not yet been announced. It is possible that for Russia they may even leave the old line of engines, we will wait for official information from the representative office. Engines are paired with an upgraded 9-band automatic 9G-Tronic.

In terms of electronics, it is worth noting the emergence of the Urban Guard anti-theft system, which monitors the car in the parking lot and raises an alarm when it detects a change in the position of the car. The “Stop-and-Go” function during automatic movement in a traffic jam is able to start after a minute’s pause, and the cruise control has learned to follow traffic jams through the network and is able to slow down even before cameras and radars “see” the traffic jam ahead.

In addition, the angle of all-round cameras has been increased, monitoring of “blind” zones will warn of the danger of opening doors if an object approaches from behind, the automatic parking function can independently carry out not only parallel or perpendicular parking, but also park the car evenly along the markings on an empty site ( wondering how much it is in demand?).

Options and prices

The start of sales of the new Mercedes E-class W213 in Russia is scheduled for July 2020, while the prices are promised to be announced in May. The production of sedans should also be established at a Russian enterprise at the company’s plant near Moscow in Esipovo, and even before the end of the twentieth the Germans promise to have presented a restyled coupe and convertible.


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