Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2021 – Photo And Price, Sales Start Date In Russia, Specifications

In mid-October two thousand and twentieth, Mitsubishi unveiled the updated crossover Eclipse Cross 2021. The model retained its recognizable appearance, although it received several new design solutions. In particular, the front part of the car is now made in the most recent version of the proprietary concept “Dynamic Shield”.

The front of the SUV has got a new bumper and a darkened grille. The shape of the rear lights at the stern has also been revised, with the company abandoning the light bar that unites them. This solution improved the visibility of the rear window.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2021

Models and prices Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2021.

Equipment Price
2.0 (150 л.с.) Intense CVT 2 433 000
2.0 (150 hp) Instyle CVT 2 503 000
2.0 (150 hp) Instyle CVT 2 523 000
1.5 (150 л.с.) Ultimate 4WD CVT 2 773 000

CVT – variator, 4WD – four-wheel drive

Mitsubishi lineup

  • Initial complete set Intense provides seven airbags, ESP, diode optics, light and rain sensors, dual-zone climate control, heated all seats, steering wheel and windshield, a standard media system with a rear-view camera, cruise control and 18 ″ wheels.
  • Version Instyle additionally flaunts all-round cameras and parking sensors, a set of electronic assistants, a combined interior trim using real and artificial leather, as well as an engine start button and keyless entry to the salon.
  • Top performance Ultimate, in addition to the turbo engine and all-wheel drive transmission, in terms of equipment it boasts a panoramic roof and adaptive cruise control.

In the interior of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2021, a touchscreen 8.0-inch display of the multimedia system appeared, while it was decided to abandon the touchpad on the center console. At the same time, the multimedia tablet itself was pushed slightly forward, which means it will be easier for the driver and front passenger to interact with it.

The new Eclipse Cross body, due to the increased overhangs, added 140 mm in length at once – up to 4,545, while the width, height and size of the wheelbase (2 670) remained the same. Thus, there is no more space in the cabin, but the trunk volume has grown to 331 liters instead of 310 according to the VDA standard.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2021

In the base, the SUV is equipped with the same 1.5-liter four-cylinder MIVEC engine with 150 hp, while it received a new turbine. This option can have both front and all-wheel drive, and it is paired with a continuously variable variator. In the Russian market, such an engine comes only with a CVT and 4WD, plus we were first offered a 150-horsepower two-liter aspirated engine, the peak torque of which is slightly lower than on a turbo engine (198 Nm instead of 250).

Plus, during the restyling of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, it got a hybrid version, the “filling” of which was borrowed from the twin-engine Outlander PHEV. This means that the car is equipped with a 2.4-liter MIVEC engine, two electric motors, a lithium-ion traction battery and a variator. The hybrid is able to automatically switch between ride presets (EV, Series Hybrid or Parallel Hybrid) based on current road conditions.

Crossover sales initially started in the markets of Australia and New Zealand, and the first cars will reach Russia in April 2021. Deliveries will continue to be established from Japan, configurations (Intense, Instyle and Ultimate) remain the same, and prices have increased. For a basic car, they now ask for 2,379,000 rubles, and the most expensive option is estimated at 2,719,000 rubles.

On the part of various electronic assistants for the Mutsubishi Eclipse Cross, after restyling, monitoring of “blind” zones, automatic switching of high beam to low beam, a lane change assist function, adaptive cruise control, as well as a frontal collision and lane departure prevention system became available.


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