modified Audi RS Q8 for 1,010 “horses” was banned in Germany

The specialists of the Wheelsandmore tuning studio have developed a program of improvements for the “charged” crossover Audi RS Q8, setting the main goal of the project – to maximize the performance of the technical “filling” of the car.

The tuners did not change the appearance of the car, however, by tradition, new wheels were installed on it. In this case, the car received 24-inch wheels, “shod” in Vredestein tires measuring 295/30 and 355/25 front and rear, respectively. The main forces were thrown into forcing the power unit.

Wheelsandmore RS Q8

As a reminder, from the factory, the Audi RS Q8 is powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that develops 599 hp. (800 Nm), working in conjunction with an eight-speed automatic. Tuners, on the other hand, propose to force this unit in several stages.

At the first stage (Stage 1), the specialists of the German studio can increase the engine output to 710 hp. (920 Nm), while the client will have to pay 2,100 euros (160,000 rubles). The required result will be achieved exclusively through chip tuning.

Wheelsandmore RS Q8

At the second stage (Stage 2), a new exhaust system will be installed on the car in the workshop, as a result of which the engine performance will increase to 725 forces (930 Nm). Cost – € 7,688 (590,000 rubles).

At the third stage (Stage 3), the engine output will be increased to 786 hp. (1,060 Nm), abandoning the air filter, while paying € 12,521 (970,000 rubles).

Wheelsandmore RS Q8

At the fourth step (Stage 4), the performance of the unit will be increased to 965 forces (1,250 Nm). Similar performance can be achieved by replacing the turbines and changing the transmission software. Such a boost will cost € 33,529 (2,600,000 rubles).

In the final stage 5 (Stage 5), the tuners suggest installing a special sports exhaust, after which the engine will be able to deliver an impressive 1,010 mares and 1,250 Nm of torque. Such an insane force will empty the client’s wallet by € 41,933 (R3,240,000).

Interestingly, the older version of the tuning kit did not win the approval of German environmentalists, so the studio will offer it exclusively for customers from other countries. Unfortunately, tuners do not spread how fast the 1,010-strong crossover is, however, they note that the car can be accelerated up to 330 km / h (+ 80).

Interestingly, Wheelsandmore also offers the LowMaXX module (€ 1,680 or 130,000 rubles) for the German crossover as an option, which allows to lower the factory air suspension using a special smartphone application. Thus, the total cost of tuning with branded wheels reaches € 50,922 (3,940,000 rubles).

Wheelsandmore RS Q8

Wheelsandmore RS Q8

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