more powerful than a Le Mans race car

Ford and Canadian firm Multimatic have unveiled the Ford GT Mk II track supercar. The extreme coupe premiered at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​2019.

The new Ford GT Mk II has a matching body kit consisting of a front splitter and a rear diffuser. Plus, the two-door received new air ducts in the wings and a large two-section rear wing, which replaced the original one-piece one.

Ford GT Mk II

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On the track supercar, the ground clearance has also been reduced, and the upper air intake, designed to cool the technical filling, was borrowed from the racing car for the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

In addition, such a car received 19-inch forged alloy wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport GT tires. Largely thanks to the latter, the two-door is able to maintain stability when cornering with lateral acceleration up to 2g.

Ford GT Mk II

The creators of the modification note that the extreme Ford GT Mk II generates five times more downforce than a road coupe. According to this indicator, the track supercar surpasses even the aforementioned Leman car.

Inside the Ford GT Mk II, there is a Sparco racing driver’s seat with six-point seat belts, and for an additional charge, the same can be installed on the passenger side. Plus, the list of equipment includes a racing recorder, a rear-view camera and an air conditioning system.

Ford GT Mk II

The company has boosted a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine with two turbines. On a racing car, this unit is adapted to strict requirements and develops 500 hp, while on a road coupe its output reaches 656 hp. But on the track Ford GT Mk II, the performance was brought to 700 “horses”.

At the same time, the developers were required to equip the two-door with a high-performance external intercooler with water sprinkling. In conjunction with the motor, a standard seven-speed robot works, the settings of which have been optimized specifically for the track.

The developers of the extreme Ford GT Mk II also replaced the adaptive suspension with five-position adjustable shock absorbers and abandoned the drive mode selection system. Plus the two-door got carbon-ceramic brakes. This allowed them to lighten the design of the car by 90 kg (compared to the road version).

In total, the Americans will release 45 copies of the track GT Mk2 at a price of $ 1.2 million each, while ordinary road coupes cost $ 450,000. GT to track car specifications.

Ford GT Mk II

Ford GT Mk II

Ford GT Mk II

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