most jambs come out in the first 2-3 months

This is my third Niva, so I do not miss the opportunity to read other people’s reviews about these cars. And what is interesting, practically under every review, controversy flares up, boiling down to the fact that “you do not understand anything about these cars!”.

And then follows a colorful story about some familiar driver who got into trouble on the Niva. These stories are not always trustworthy. As an experienced Niva owner, I decided to write an honest and objective review about this car. In it, I will express my opinion for whom this car is intended.

Review of Lada 4 × 4 1.7 (83 HP) MT AWD 2018

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To begin with, it should be recalled that the production of Niva began in the 70s of the last century. 50 years have passed since then! Of course, the car is periodically upgraded to prolong production, but there are no dramatic improvements in the obsolete car.

But at least out of respect, I would not dismissively call the Niva “bucket” and “old”, because at one time it was quite a worthy car, which was even sold abroad.

Let’s not be cunning: everyone buys a car within their means. Who can not pull Defender, Prado or Hilux – he chooses Niva. This car is relatively inexpensive, but has decent cross-country ability.

Unlike the UAZ (not the Patriot), which is essentially agricultural machinery and is not suitable for city roads, in Niva you at least feel comfortable on city streets. Therefore, people who cannot afford a more expensive car sculpt a patch on the Niva for patches.

But no matter how much you invest in it, the Niva remains a quickly rusting, noisy, slow and rattling car. I felt the difference when I first changed the Niva to Tucson, and then moved to the Sportage.

The first impression of these cars was as if I drove in Maybach! When I had to sit down in the Niva again, naturally, I could only compare it with a hard-to-operate iron, but then I got used to it: a car is like a car.

In my opinion, Niva is chosen by adventurers who are more interested in driving not on smooth clean roads, but in driving their car into a snowdrift to test its endurance.

Niva is a great option for all kinds of pokatushek, but not everyone will be able to ride it. Perhaps, where the UAZ or Defender will pass, the Niva will get stuck, but it weighs less, so it is easier to pull it out.

There are those who like to apply an auto-tool to the Niva and make some “bells and whistles” on it. But still, when buying a car, do not forget about a natural resource. If the previous owners used the car for slaughter, then you practically have nothing left: the car will quickly fall apart. Therefore, if you have already chosen Niva, then buy a new car.

For example, I took all three of my Niva new ones. Almost every repair was done under warranty. All malfunctions come out in the first two or three months, and after their elimination nothing breaks down, the car just naturally wears out. It is better not to drive the Niva on heavy off-road, if you plan to sell it later for decent money.

Personally, I have never regretted buying Niva! Of course, it squeaks, vibrates, and this is sometimes annoying. If I had money, I would buy a Toyota Hilux (pickup) or Suzuki Jimny. But, as I said at the beginning, we all buy cars at our own expense. Good luck to everyone on the road!

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