Moved to a new Mazda 6 after dorestyling: I tell you what has changed

Since 2014, I drove a pre-styling Mazda 6 model, dashed off 110,000 km, this year I decided to change the sedan. I took a car after the second restyling with a similar gasoline engine. After running in and running 2,000 km, I give a detailed assessment of what has changed in the model.

The body of the updated Mazda 6 has become even more stylish and dynamic: a sloping roof, a large number of streamlined shapes – I like everything in its appearance. The sedan looks luxurious and solid. New lines have appeared in the interior, the cladding material is even better, soft inserts on the dashboard. The interior began to look richer.

Review of Mazda 6 2.0 (150 HP) AT 2021

Author: Alexey

Restyling brought the model a new light, which is an order of magnitude better, LED headlights are super! Plus there is no need to install foglights. The updated multi-display is wider, the audio system works at the same level.

And I did not understand the Android CarPlay system at all, I tested some options – useless nonsense. Another of the minuses – the CD-player is placed directly above the niche in the front console, a thing today is completely outdated and useless, it only takes up space.

The armrest disappointed, for the driver this is the first part of comfort. The panel is small, inconveniently installed, recessed back. As a result, only the elbow rests on the armrest. The power of the stove remains the same, which means that it will be cool in the cabin in severe frost, and if you heat it constantly, the consumption skyrockets.

Of the pleasant innovations that were not in the previous version, I will note the auto-hold system – now you do not need to keep your foot on the brake at traffic lights, a convenient mirror button, no additional smells enter the salon. In the last Mazda 6, the smell of washer was constantly felt. The trunk lid has received a soft drive, now it is not necessary to slam it shut and press it.

A two-liter gasoline aspirated, plus a 6-speed automatic transmission is, in my opinion, the best duet. For six years of ownership, the engine has shown itself to be a reliable and productive unit. In the new Mazda, the box-motor tandem has been preserved, the settings have been slightly changed, now it picks up more quickly from the bottom. Consumption on the highway 6.5, in the city creeps to 9.5 liters. I think that after the first five thousand, the consumption will decrease slightly.

I installed premium Velcro rubber, it became a pleasure to drive the car. The ride is soft, smooth, with crisp steering and pedal response. The overall result is that the restyled Mazda 6 has much more advantages than disadvantages. The salon has become more luxurious and refined. In terms of the reliability of the motor and gearbox, the model does not cause any complaints at all.

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