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I took a new Toyota RAV4 in the cabin seven months ago, drove 9,000 km for all the time, there was a definite opinion, which I share. Exterior, in principle, not for everybody. Liked the LED white high beam.

The headlamp gives a long beam, illuminates the roadside well, does not blind oncoming people. But the fog lights are yellow halogens, and complete with modern white LEDs it does not look very good. Pereobulsya on winter tires (Michelin) – the crossover has become more stable, smoother, reduced noise in the cabin.

Review of Toyota RAV4 2.0 (149 HP) CVT 4WD 2020

Author: Vitaly

I share the opinion of those who consider Toyota to be greedy for additional options. The cabin has everything for a full-fledged control, but this “all” is kind of unfinished. Heated steering wheel only in two grip points – strictly on the right and left.

Beautiful interior lighting (foot zone, glove box), but from the driver’s side only the window regulator lights, the other buttons on the door are not visible. The radio is of average quality – the sound is so-so. There is a navigation button, but the option itself is not provided in my configuration, even for an extra charge.

There is an electric trunk drive, but it would be better if it weren’t – it is terribly slow. Quite good heating of the cabin and heating of all seats, setting, however, manually with buttons, but it works well. I was frankly pleased with the comfortable driver’s seat – you don’t get tired behind the wheel after 6-7 hours of travel.

I read on the forums that the new 2020 RAV 4 is weak in overclocking. I think that the dynamics of the car is quite enough for both the city and the highway – the crossover gains speed steadily and quickly, does not tear from a place, but it does not need it. The hum of the variator is annoying (so far the only drawback of the box), and with the automatic transmission, the same engine rides much more pleasantly.

Otherwise, I did not see the difference between the variator and the classic automatic gearbox – there is a smooth transition between gears, I did not notice any jerks even with active acceleration from a standstill. At the same time, fuel economy (when compared with automatic transmission) is obvious by 7-10 percent. Consumption on the highway is stable – 6.5 liters of gasoline, in the city – 10.

Since both the engine (derated from 170 hp to 149 hp) and the gearbox (variator with the first mechanical transmission) are new generation units, it is not clear how they will behave after 30-40 thousand mileage. Therefore, I issued a 5-year warranty.

The entire chassis is optimally tuned, the car is comfortable to drive, I liked it more than the Mazda CX-5. With a sharp turn at a speed of rolls are not felt, the car holds the road perfectly, without steering. On a bad road, it is difficult to get a breakdown – the suspension is adequately adjusted, moderately stiff.

Even before buying a model on youtube, I heard the phrase that “Toyota RAV 4 is ideal for those who are indifferent to cars, that is, for those who are not fanatical about them, and they just need a reliable means to move in space.” Yes, in the new generation they made an interesting design, but otherwise, I think I will agree – this is a rather boring car, but at the same time it is reasonably sufficient, reliable, unpretentious and liquid on the secondary market.


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