No turbo lag, smooth acceleration and excellent traction!

I bought a new BMW X3 M40D with a three-liter diesel engine, ran it for several days, tried all the modes and after 2,000 kilometers I share my first impressions.

The appearance, in my subjective opinion, is excellent. I love the M body kit, chrome muffler tips and the front bumper design. Given that the model is not yet so common, attention is paid to the SUV.


Review of BMW X3 M40d (326 HP) xDrive AT

The cost of the car is 4,500,000 rubles. Therefore, according to the number of equipment in the configuration, you can find everything: heating, ventilation, panoramic roof, NBT EVO multimedia. Due to the double glazing, the cabin remains quiet at a speed of 120 km / h, but Q7 is still far from the X-third in terms of noise insulation.

Among the control options, I can single out those that really help and which I use on a daily basis: adaptive cruise control, a professional assistant gently and smoothly accelerates and brakes. The lane keeping system is quite rigid, without the included turn signal, it blocks the maneuver.


In the cabin there are luxurious and very comfortable seats, but for some reason other than the driver’s. By and large, the seat is not bad, but clearly not suitable for a BMW – there is no lateral support, a minimum of settings.

The ergonomics are excellent – everything is calibrated to the centimeter, all buttons and levers are at hand. The dashboard and the automatic transmission knob have migrated from the previous generation, and I personally was pleased with this, there is no need to get used to the new location.


The car is equipped with 21-inch wheels, the same ones are present in the base with the “tape” profile. In all modes, the adaptive suspension works perfectly, the wheels keep the slippery road tight. When moving bumps at speed, I did not notice any jolts, tosses, in sport mode I thought it would be tougher, but I was mistaken. The handling is comfortable on any road and at any speed, the sports suspension works better on our roads than others.

The engine on the M40D gives the declared dynamics and clearly fulfills its 326 “horses”. Diesel is rumored to be built only in the United States, and only with this engine comes a sports differential that distributes power to the rear wheels at high speed. I appreciated this during a high-speed race along our track, where there are holes every hundred meters.

The declared overclocking is also present. The crossover accelerates to hundreds in 4.9 seconds. For the city, there is even a lot of motor power, so if you rarely go on the track, then a 30m motor with a capacity of 230 hp. with. enough for the eyes.

The braking system has never failed, it works from the slightest touch, and given the first-class tires, during the icy conditions, the car can be stopped without strong nerves and not fly into a ditch.

The overall impression of the BMW X3 M40D is eight points out of ten, after all, the driver’s seat for such a car needs a different, not so amorphous.


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