Not having traveled the first thousand kilometers, I ran into the first sores

Impressions about Genesis G70 after 5,000 mileage are somewhat different from the first days of operation, when I, with enthusiasm and courage, cut through the capital streets. A few days later I had to drive a new car to Europe, in a week the mileage was 5,500 km, and today I can judge about all the breakdowns, disadvantages and advantages of a complete set from my own experience – I hope someone will come in handy.


Genesis G70 is one of the few cars where the layout of the cabin and the location of the seat are thought out to the smallest detail. After a long trip, you don’t feel tired at all. The standard navigation works for four plus: there are discrepancies in the speed limit, the navigator often confuses speed limits, but there are no problems on the roads. All major and minor roads are measured and laid up to one meter.

Review of Genesis G70 2.0 (197 HP) AWD 2019

And although the driver’s seat has excellent shapes and a very comfortable fit, I will say that the armrest was annoying for the whole many hours of travel – this is the armrest, with my height of 1.90 it is clearly too small, and it is almost impossible to lean on it.

After the seat was optimally adjusted to its height, the shoulder was no longer at the door level, but closer to the B-pillar. The armrest remained in its place, and in order to somehow relax, you had to bend forward uncomfortably. I did not like the multimedia complex – I think that by 2019 it is clearly outdated. The functionality is small, and Android Auto works every other time.

Speed ​​and handling

Genesis fully reveals its driving characteristics after many hours of driving. There are high speed limits, overtaking always goes quickly – practically did not have to taxi if overtaken at a speed of 80 km / h. The start always starts smoothly, I was pleased with the dynamics of acceleration – it seemed that several seconds had passed, and the speedometer was already one hundred.


I’ve heard a lot about the small trunk for a sedan, ergonomics are not well thought out, etc. I did not notice this at all. On the way, I was accompanied by two travel suitcases, a sleeping bag and a few other packages of all sorts of little things – all this I stowed in the trunk without any problems. According to the way the control systems are located in the cabin, there were no questions at all – it is convenient to reach the cup holder, the phone is at hand, all the buttons are nearby.

But the trouble is with the mechanical trunk lock. I took the last car without an electric drive – there were also electric drives in the cabin, but not in my color. I had to choose this one, and now I can’t go to the trunk without wet wipes – dirty hands after opening are provided.

Chassis and fuel consumption

The G70 has small problems with fuel consumption – the manufacturer stated from 9 liters in the combined cycle, but practice has shown that after 2,000 km of run the average fuel consumption on the highway is at least 10.2 liters. There were no questions at all about the quality of the suspension and the softness of the ride. Of course, when moving deep holes, especially on our roads, you have to slow down well, but no pecks or jumps are felt.

And now about the breakdowns that were discovered as the mileage increased:

  • The left mirror switch is poorly adjusted – you have to switch the button several times.
  • After 1,500 km, the air conditioner rustled, the dealer’s diagnostics have not yet yielded any results. The manager agreed that there is a problem, but the cause has not yet been eliminated.
  • At the end of the trip, the turn signal lever began to slip, and with each switch, the petal snapped off with a lot of noise and unnatural vibration.
  • The rear-view camera, it seems, was installed on a model from some sedan of the last century – it even became a shame for such a resolution, and such a blurry picture.

As you can see, the malfunctions concern only minor flaws in the cabin – on the engine, oil consumption, adjustment of the running gear there are no questions at all. And considering that the Genesis G70 has a stylish and beautiful exterior, I can say that I was not disappointed with the choice. The car has its own flavor and its own unique character.


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