Not only were the wheels removed, but the body was also raked

Recently, more and more cases have been recorded in Russia when attackers not only remove the wheels from the Lada Vesta, but also additionally make an incision in the form of a window on the left front fender. Why do they spoil the car body?

The fact is that from the factory the model is equipped with a fairly reliable anti-theft system. Working in conjunction with the ERA-GLONASS complex, the latter provides a high level of protection, since it not only makes it difficult for intruders to access the salon, but also prevents engine starting and unauthorized movements.


Unfortunately, criminals quickly found a gap in this protection. They found out that in order to deactivate the factory anti-theft system in the car, a slot must be made above the left front wheel. The latter should be wide enough for a criminal to reach into it and disconnect the battery.

Left without power, Vesta’s anti-theft system becomes useless, after which attackers can raise the car with a jack and remove the wheels from it, without fearing an alarm signal. Note that most often the owners of Vesta SW Cross, which are equipped with more expensive 17-inch disks from the factory, encounter such a nuisance.

Is it possible to somehow secure your car?

Unfortunately, there is no one hundred percent protection against those who want to profit from the wheels of the car, but intruders can be scared away. To do this, you need to install secret mounts for the rims, while painting their bolts in a bright color. Thus, the criminals already on the approach to the car will understand that they will have to tinker with this car. As a result, most of them will prefer to look for a more accessible “victim”.

In addition, the car owner can provide autonomous power supply to the alarm system using an additional energy source. With a high degree of probability, a triggered alarm will scare off criminals, and they will again go looking for profit elsewhere.


Also, it will not be superfluous to install a constantly working video recorder. The device should also be provided with autonomous power supply. You can also protect yourself from car thieves with the help of simpler everyday actions.

First, make it a rule to constantly check whether you have closed the doors and windows of the car, while never leaving valuable items in the cabin, as well as briefcases, handbags or electronic gadgets that could be of interest to intruders.

Secondly, ideally, try to park your car in a busy and well-lit place, even better – in the “field of view” of CCTV cameras. Usually, auto-makers are aware of the location of the latter and do not risk going into business, knowing that they will end up on TV.

Third, when parking a car next to a curb, you should leave the wheels turned out. This will not only complicate the dismantling of the wheels, but also make it difficult to use the tow truck. If you leave the car for a short time and in a crowded place, then the car should be locked using a mechanical lock drive, as the radio signal can be intercepted. By following these recommendations, you will not only protect your car from wheel theft, but also from car drivers in general.

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