Popular misconceptions about video cameras of violations

For obvious reasons, drivers don’t like cameras. And for some, this dislike is so strong that it may well end in attacks on the complexes and even on the service personnel. However, a number of ideas about the means of video recording of violations are erroneous.

Many people believe that there are more and more mobile cameras on the road. However, in reality, their number has been gradually decreasing since 2016 (according to the Scientific Center for Road Safety under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation).

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This is due to the fact that mobile systems are much inferior in functionality to stationary ones and can only record some violations. In addition, the new GOST cancels concessions in terms of the rules for informing motorists about their presence. At the moment, in the Russian Federation there are about 17.2 thousand stationary complexes, and only 3.5 thousand mobile ones.

Another delusion – any private trader can buy mobile cameras in order to “cut cabbage” from careless motorists – this is not entirely true. Indeed, a private operator can install such a camera, but not everyone can do it.

The cost of such systems can go up to several million rubles, plus you need to organize the process of processing information, sending notifications, as well as technical maintenance of the complex. Such expenses are more likely to be borne by large companies with large budgets, but not by small individual entrepreneurs.

It is also a mistake to say that traffic cops deliberately “hide” mobile fixation systems in the bushes, for the sake of profit. The problem of “trap cameras” does exist, but it is not connected with the cameras themselves, but with illiterately installed road signs or erased markings.

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The location of each tripod is coordinated between the traffic police and road services, and just like that, at the request of an ordinary traffic cop, it cannot be rearranged. Moreover, according to the assurances of the authorities, information from cameras installed in places inappropriate to the plan is simply not accepted for processing.

Some angry motorists may attack mobile restraints and their attendants. There are a lot of videos on the network with “partisans of justice” – gallant guys smash cameras from paintball or even military weapons, knock tripods down with a car, smash them with bats, etc.

All of these actions are like fighting windmills. You can smash the camera with any sophistication – anyway, in a couple of days it will be replaced with a new one. However, the one who broke it will face serious punishment – ranging from a large fine (up to 40,000 rubles) and up to two years in prison under Article 167 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

It is always necessary to seek the truth only with the help of legal methods. Still, mobile cameras are often accused of their uselessness – they say, why are they needed if they do not make the roads safer.

Rosavtodor disagrees with this statement, where they believe that the cameras discipline the driver and reduce the accident rate. However, there are no statistics to verify this. According to independent experts, nowadays video recording complexes have little effect on traffic safety, however, at the initial stages, they significantly reduced the accident rate at problem areas. Also, finding them made it possible to develop and maintain certain standards of driver behavior.

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