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A personal car is not only a means of transportation, but also a valuable asset that can be used to generate profit. If you don’t have a job or more free time than money, Green money will come to the rescue and lend, and the machine will help repay the loan. There are numerous ways to make money on a car, and the most convenient ones are presented below:

  • work in a taxi;
  • cargo taxi;
  • Courier service;
  • intercity transportation;
  • commercial cargo transportation.


Ways to make money on your car

The taxi option is optimal for car owners. To start a taxi, you need to contact an aggregator that will find customers. Depending on the class and age of the car, various tariff plans are available, from “economy” to “business” or “premium”. The higher the level, the more requirements for the car and the driver, but the more earnings.

A large number of taxi aggregators operate in Russian cities, ranging from large ones like Yandex to small local companies. Having chosen the optimal aggregator, you can consistently receive orders from customers, in return giving the intermediary a percentage of the proceeds. To make the right choice between companies, you should pay attention to their popularity, popularity, commission rates and rates for clients.

Cargo taxi

Working in a cargo taxi is an option for owners of trucks and utility vehicles. The job market has offers for motorists owning pickup trucks, vans, minibuses, dump trucks and other commercial vehicles. You can find a job using all the same aggregators.

As in the passenger segment of the market, transportation of goods on order is available in full and part-time mode. At the same time, there are fewer requirements for transport. The car must be roomy and technically sound, and its model, comfort level or year of manufacture are of less importance.

Express delivery

Ways to make money on your car

Delivery services often offer work to drivers with their cars. The job market offers offers for owners of both compact cars and commercial vehicles (vans, trucks, minibuses). Depending on the car, you can get a job in the delivery of small goods and documents, where the most important thing is urgency, and do delivery on a regular basis.

The disadvantage of working as a courier is the shortage of part-time vacancies. If the task is to find not a main job, but an additional source of income in your free time, the choice is narrowed. The main share of such proposals is put forward by food delivery services that work around the clock.

Intercity passenger transportation

Transportation of people between cities is a good option for owners of minibuses and minivans with 7+ seats. Using services like BlaBlaCar, you can find passengers and earn money. There will always be a client who wants to travel to a neighboring city a little faster and cheaper than a minibus, and if you take 4 or more passengers per flight, the activity becomes profitable.

Ways to make money on your car

Passenger search services make it possible both to earn extra money in your free time, and to combine travel on personal matters with additional profit. Income in this mode will be less than from working in a taxi. But the hassle (like waiting for passengers, driving through traffic jams) is less, and you can get a good income by car with a diesel engine or LPG. This method is most effective in regions with underdeveloped transport links and resort areas, where passenger traffic exceeds the capacity of route transport.

Commercial trucking

Transportation of goods for business is in many ways similar to courier delivery, but the driver works with the employer without intermediaries. The work of motorists with their vehicles is offered by logistics firms, manufacturing enterprises, trade establishments. Part-time employment in this segment is rarely available. But it is possible to find a company that needs a truck service several times a week.

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