Renault Captur 2019 – Price And Configuration, Photo In A New Body, Owner Reviews (all Cons), Characteristics

How much is the new Renault Captur 2019 in Russia: the price of the car on the official dealer’s website varies from 980,000 to 1,393,000 rubles and is determined by the choice of a particular engine / configuration. The car is sold in five trim levels: Life, Drive, Play, Style and Extreme.

Of the engines for the Russian Renault Kaptur 2018-2019, 1.6- and 2.0-liter gasoline engines are proposed. The SUV can be ordered with a continuously variable variator, five- or six-speed mechanics, as well as a four-speed automatic. In the base, the model is front-wheel drive, but more expensive versions are equipped with an all-wheel drive transmission.

Renault Captur 2019-2020 in a new body

Configurations and prices Renault Kaptur 2019.

Price from 03/17/2020 price, rub.
1.6 (114 HP) Life MT5 980 000
1.6 (114 л.с.) Life CVT 1 030 000
1.6 (114 hp) Drive MT5 1 059 000
1.6 (114 л.с.) Drive CVT 1 109 000
1.6 (114 л.с.) Play CVT 1 174 000
1.6 (114 л.с.) Style CVT 1 189 000
2.0 (143 hp) Drive 4 × 4 MT6 1 198 000
2.0 (143 hp) Drive 4 × 4 AT4 1 248 000
1.6 (114 л.с.) Extreme CVT 1 254 000
2.0 (143 л.с.) Play 4×4 MT6 1 263 000
2.0 (143 hp) Style 4 × 4 MT6 1 278 000
2.0 (143 л.с.) Play 4×4 AT4 1 313 000
2.0 (143 hp) Style 4 × 4 AT4 1 328 000
2.0 (143 hp) Extreme 4 × 4 MT6 1 343 000
2.0 (143 hp) Extreme 4 × 4 AT4 1 393 000

MT – 5 and 6-speed mechanics, AT4 – 4-speed automatic, CVT – variator, 4 × 4 – four-wheel drive

  • In basic configuration Life the crossover is equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels, ABS, ESP, two airbags, air conditioning, on-board computer, standard audio system, power steering, electrically adjustable heated mirrors, front and rear electric windows, steering wheel adjustment, driver’s seat height adjustment, engine start button and uphill start-up assistance system.
  • In version Drive There are already four airbags, plus the car has an autonomous pre-heater, passive cruise control and heated seats.
  • Intermediate option Play boasts 17-inch wheels, climate control, Yandex.Auto multimedia system with navigation and support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay interfaces, as well as fog lights.
  • Execution Style relies on the proprietary French multimedia Media NAV 4.0, light and rain sensors are also included in the equipment of such a car, plus a rear-view camera with parking sensors.
  • Top-end equipment Extremely everything else has a leather interior and LED headlights.

Pros and cons of Renault Kaptur

+ Pros

  • Design
  • Passability
  • Suspension
  • Controllability
  • Reliability
– Minuses

  • Dynamics
  • Trunk
  • Build quality
  • Light
  • Noise isolation
  • Profitability

Owner reviews Renault Captur 2018-2019

The paintwork is rather weak. There were no numbers on the car yet, when in Mezhdurechensk a piece of rubble flew out from under the oncoming lane at low speed and flew into the driver’s door. A small chip formed, which upset me to a stingy tear. But it didn’t rust in a year, the paint didn’t swell, and I even forgot about it.

On the hood and bumper, the paint also has traces of small stones, as well as three sparrows, two pigeons, two crows and a magpie. In general, at least draw stars …

Alexander, review of Renault Capture 2.0 manual transmission 4WD 2018

Capture has excellent soft suspension. Rut, bumps, courtyard ice bumps and parking holes in Ufa – all this does not matter. I was a little stuck in one snowdrift, but I had a manual transmission – it swayed back and forth and drove on.

But storming a high parapet will not work – then only rear-wheel drive will push. Well, let’s leave this off-road to those who like fishing – you can just go around the city. Yes, it turns out this is also possible – not to rape the car, but just to go around)

Damir, review of Renault Kaptur 1.6 (114 HP) with mechanics 2018 onwards

After 17,000 km, the interior creaked strongly: the handle for opening the driver’s door, the gearbox selector and the armrest of the driver’s door. Naturally, this does not happen non-stop, otherwise one could fuck up, but the car requires vibration protection and anti-squeak.

The fabric upholstery of the passenger compartment and seats is very easily soiled. I draw your attention to the fact that I drive on asphalt all the time, I probably drove no more than 200 km from the entire run on a dirt road, that is, the reason is precisely the poor quality of materials and assembly.

Review of Renault Kaptur 1.6 on the variator of 2019

The salon loses very much in comparison with the Yeti. Everything is made of plastic, and the cruise control button has been tucked under the handbrake. The rest of the buttons are also out of place. There is not even one hook in the trunk. The packages are hanging out there, like … you know where. In general, the minimalism of the engineers greatly upset.

Review of Renault Kaptur 2.0 (143 HP) AT 4WD 2018

The engine is elastic, not noisy, with the timing chain, the dynamics does not shine, but also not a full brake. Will completely satisfy the unpretentious driver. Consumption of AI-95 in a cycle of 30% city, 30% pit on a pit and 40% suburb – 6.0 l / 100 km (without kondeya, at a speed of up to 100 km / h and crowding in a city without traffic jams). With kondeem + 0.5 l. Worthy.

The gearbox is engaged softly, the first is a bit short, the fifth – 3000 rpm and 102 km / h. The sixth is not very asking for my driving style, for those who race 120+ it will not be enough. At a speed of 126 km / h, the engine roars, while the consumption is 7.5 liters.

Review of Renault Capture 1.6 mechanics 2018 onwards

I personally really like the design both outside and inside. And even the dashboard “from a moped” does not bother. Plastic, of course, is not premium, but you stop paying attention to it after a few minutes.

The heating buttons at the bottom of the seats, which everyone scolds, turn on forward / backward with a click to the touch, you do not need to open the door and look at them. Eco buttons and cruise under the handbrake – yes, it’s inconvenient, but you often don’t use them. I turned on “eco” while running in and retired. Cup holders are not enough – water bottles in door pockets.

Review of Renault Kaptur 2.0 (143 HP) AT 4WD 2019


New Renault Kaptur 2019 model year

The new 2018-2019 Renault Captur body is built on the B0 platform, familiar from the Duster and Logan models. An independent MacPherson-type suspension is installed on the front axle of the crossover, but the design of the rear suspension differs from version to version.

On the front-wheel drive versions of the model, it is semi-independent spring, and on all-wheel drive – an independent multi-link. Anti-roll bars are also installed on both axles of the vehicle. There are disc brakes in the front, and drum brakes in the back.

Crossover Renault Kaptur has the following overall dimensions, mm

  • Length – 4 333
  • Width – 1813
  • Height – 1 613
  • Wheelbase – 2 673
  • Ground clearance (clearance) – 205

The volume of the trunk in the five-seater version is declared at 387 liters, but with the rear row seats folded it can reach 1,200 liters. The volume of the fuel tank is 52 liters. Depending on the selected engine / equipment, the curb weight of the vehicle varies from 1,262 to 1,405 kg.

Trunk Renault Kaptur

  • The base engine Renault Capture relies on a 1.6-liter unit with a capacity of 114 hp. and 156 Nm. They are equipped exclusively with front-wheel drive cars, while the motor itself can work both in tandem with a continuously variable variator and with a five-speed mechanics. In the first case, the crossover is capable of accelerating from zero to a hundred in 12.9 seconds, developing speeds up to 166 km / h, and in the second, these figures are 12.5 seconds and 171 km / h, respectively.
  • All-wheel drive cars relies on a two-liter engine with 143 forces and 195 Nm of torque. This unit can work either with a six-speed mechanics, or with a four-speed automatic. Cars with manual transmission are capable of accelerating from 0-100 km / h in 10.5 seconds, and their maximum speed reaches 185 km / h. Versions with automatic transmission cope with the task in 11.2 s, while their speed limit is 180 km / h.

Within the city limits, Renault Captur 2019 in a new body can safely claim the title of one of the best family cars. Although the “Frenchman” does not differ in its sporting character, its dynamics for large settlements is enough for the eyes.

As for the track, certain problems arise here, especially if the SUV is equipped with a base 1.6-liter engine, and there are several passengers in the cabin at once. In this situation, the car turns into a slowly weaving phlegmatic, practically unresponsive to pressing the gas pedal.

Due to the excellent geometric cross-country ability and high ground clearance, all-wheel drive Captura feel quite well both on snow-covered roads and outside the asphalt (for example, on a dirt road), but front-wheel drive cars do not differ in cross-country ability and can literally get stuck out of the blue during the first serious snowfalls …

Interesting Facts

The compact Renault Kaptur was first presented on March 30, two thousand sixteen, as part of a special event in Moscow, and the first cars appeared in the salons of the brand’s official dealers in June of the same year.

In Europe, the French crossover is sold under the name “Captur”. The automaker decided to change the first letter in the name of the Russian version of the model for a reason, but after a survey, during which the majority of Russians spoke out in favor of the letter “K”.

Our version of the model differs from the European Captur not only by the name, but also by the “trolley”. The Russian version of the model is based on the B0 platform, while the version for the Old World is based on the more expensive Clio 4 chassis and has slightly different overall dimensions.

Photo Renault Captur 2019-2020

Car test drive video

Overview (exterior and interior)

Renault Kaptur 2019 received the appearance in the style of modern models of the French brand. The front of the model is characterized by the presence of expressive head optics, closely adjacent to the frameless radiator grille. In the side sections of the plump bumper there are spectacular DRL brackets, and the entire space between them is occupied by a large central air intake.

In profile, Kaptyur is perceived as a kind of sturdy man, while the rapid appearance of the car is formed by the roof falling to the stern and the window sill line tending upward. The crossover can have a two-tone body with contrasting struts and a roof. Plus, one cannot fail to note a protective body kit made of unpainted plastic, the components of which emphasize the wheel arches and door sills.

Salon Renault Captur 2019

At the stern, attention is drawn to the large and expressive lanterns, as well as the embossed protective strip along the bottom of the bumper, from under which the only exhaust pipe sticks out.

The stylish interior of Renault Captur 2019 is clearly made with an eye on the youth audience. The car has a neat three-spoke steering wheel and a spectacular dashboard with a digital speedometer in the form of a strongly flattened oval. On the well-defined center console, the French placed the multimedia system display and the climate control unit.

Compared to the Duster, the new Captyur can be considered almost the standard of ergonomics. The compact crossover pleases with a number of sophisticated and modern solutions. In particular, it has frameless wipers instead of morally and technically outdated frame wipers, and the door handles have a natural grip and swing wide enough, while the thresholds are covered, which means that passengers will be able to keep their trousers clean.

However, it was not without a fly in the ointment. In particular, the model has poor visibility due to the huge A-pillars and a miniature rear window in the fifth door. In addition, there are not so many niches in the car interior for small things, and there is no platform for a mobile phone at all.

As for the landing, quite comfortable conditions have been created for the driver and front passenger in Renault Kaptur, while the rear riders have something to complain about: there is not as much legroom as they would like, and even the sloping roof presses on their heads.

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