Renault Kaptur 2021 – price and configuration, photo in a new body, all the cons (owner reviews), buy in Moscow

How much is the new 2021 Renault Captur in Russia: the price of the crossover on the official dealer’s website varies from 1,165,000 to 1,662,000 rubles… The model is offered in four configurations: Life, Drive, Style and Prime.

The line of engines of the Russian Renault Kaptur after restyling includes the previous 1.6-liter aspirated engine, available with mechanics and automatic transmission, but only with front-wheel drive, and the 1.3 turbo engine replaced the former two-liter engine. The latter comes with a variator, but the drive can be either front or full.

New Renault Captur 2021

Configuration and prices Renault Kaptur 2021.

Equipment price, rub.
1.6 (114 HP) Life MT5 1 206 000
1.6 (114 л.с.) Life CVT 1 261 000
1.6 (114 hp) Drive MT5 1 276 000
1.6 (114 л.с.) Drive CVT 1 331 000
1.6 (114 л.с.) Style CVT 1 440 000
1.3 (150 л.с.) Drive CVT 1 441 000
1.3 (150 л.с.) Drive 4×4 CVT 1 521 000
1.3 (150 л.с.) Style CVT 1 550 000
1.3 (150 HP) Prime CVT 1 623 000
1.3 (150 л.с.) Style 4×4 CVT 1 630 000
1.3 (150 HP) Prime 4 × 4 CVT 1 703 000

MT5 – 5-speed mechanics, CVT – variator, 4 × 4 – four-wheel drive

  • In basic configuration Life the crossover is equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels, ABS, ESP, two airbags, air conditioning, a standard audio system, electrically adjustable heated mirrors, front and rear power windows, engine start button and an assistance system when starting up the hill.
  • In the next coming version Drive There are four airbags, plus the car in this version has an autonomous pre-heater, passive cruise control and heated seats.
  • Option Style boasts 17-inch wheels, rain and light sensors, rear-view camera with rear parking sensors, climate control, Easy Link multimedia system with 8.0-inch display and support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay interfaces, as well as heated steering wheel and fog lights … The turbo version additionally features LED headlights.
  • Top performance Prime everything else has a premium audio system from Bose, blind spot monitoring, leather interior and body paint in metallic color.

Pros and cons of Renault Kaptur FL

+ Pros

  • Design
  • Suspension
  • Controllability
– Minuses

  • Small trunk
  • Tight second row
  • Ergonomics (a number of minor miscalculations)

Owner reviews Renault Captur 2020-2021

So 2.5 months have passed since the date of purchase, 5,000 km have been covered. In general, a good practical car, has not yet delivered any problems. Yes, it may be funny, but some with such a mileage already turn to dealers under warranty.

The suspension is comfortable, especially on bad roads. Passage in fierce mud has not yet tested much, but I don’t expect anything supernatural from the front-wheel drive. The 1.6 engine + manual transmission is quite a good combination. In the city and on the highway, the dynamics are quite enough! Consumption is very democratic: city – 9.0 l / 100 km, highway – 7.2 l / 100 km.

Andrey, review of Renault Kaptur 1.6 (114 hp) on the mechanics of 2020

The main plus is a motor with a variator. If we discard the thoughts about the resource of these units and the residual value after several years of operation, then in comparison with the two-liter Duster this motor rides much more fun. At the same time, the variator works like a decent Japanese automatic machine: it does not blunt and even imitates the switching of steps during active driving.

Review of the new Renault Kaptur 1.3 (149 HP) CVT 4WD 2020

The car is going very briskly and the speed is not felt, but so far I am not particularly indulging – running in. Drives confidently on the highway: when overtaking, and in a straight line, and when cornering. In general, the speed is very calm and comfortable.

The steering wheel is easy to control and responsive. You can control the road with two fingers on the steering wheel. Despite its size, the car feels very compact and comfortable.

Review of Renault Capture 1.3 turbo with CVT 2021

The rear row of seats is cramped. Not the largest child in a child seat rests his feet against the back of the driver’s seat. Okay, let’s assume that this is a chair with a massage function for my back …

It seems that the car is not the most compact from the side, but the trunk is small. Although it goes quite far to the backrests, it is narrow and not at all deep. The body is inflated, but in general there is no trunk.

Review about Renault Capture 1.3 on the variator in 2020

For a month and a half of ownership and 1,500 km of run, I got used to almost all the oddities and inconsistencies of the French manufacturer. The opposite is true here! When the car is closed, the turn signals flash twice. The wiper handle must be pulled down, and in order to increase the pseudo-transmission, the gearshift handle must be pulled back. On the steering wheel joystick, change the volume with the buttons, and switch to the next track by rotating the wheel (where is the logic?).

I never got used to a digital speedometer: I never learned how to maintain 80 km / h in the city with a pedal without an arrow. Saves the speed limiter. The mirrors are very small: on the left, the aspherical (removing) edge saves, but on the right, for some reason, this is not. To rebuild to the right, you have to additionally turn your neck, but even this does not always help.

Review of Renault Kaptur 1.3 CVT and all-wheel drive 2020


New body Renault Kaptur 2021

Restyled Renault Capture 2021 in a new body is built on the upgraded B0 / Global Access platform, on which Arkana is based. There are MacPherson struts at the front, and the rear suspension design varies from version to version.

On the rear axle of front-wheel drive cars, a semi-independent beam is used, while on all-wheel drive there is an independent multi-link.
The Renault Kaptur FL crossover has the following dimensions, mm:

  • Length – 4 333
  • Width – 1813
  • Height – 1 613
  • Wheelbase – 2 673
  • Ground clearance (clearance) – 205

The volume of the trunk on the SUV is 387 liters, and with the rear row seats folded down – 1200 liters. The crossover has a 52-liter fuel tank. The curb weight of the machine varies from 1,262 to 1,405 kg (depending on the selected engine / equipment level).

Renault Captur interior

  • The base engine of the Renault Captur is the time-tested 1.6-liter naturally aspirated H4M with 114 hp. (156 Nm), which works with either a five-speed manual or an upgraded Jatco CVT. The drive of such machines is exclusively front. The version with a manual transmission accelerates to a hundred in 12.5 seconds, developing speeds up to 171 km / h. Indicators of the version with a variator are 12.9 seconds and 166 km / h.
  • As an alternative, a new 1.3-liter “turbo four” H5Ht is proposed, developing 150 forces and 250 Nm of torque. This unit works with a variator, while the modification drive can be either front or full. The single-wheel drive version is capable of accelerating from 0-100 km / h in 10.1 seconds, and the all-wheel drive version in 10.4 seconds. In both cases, the maximum speed is 188 kilometers per hour.

The new body of the Renault Kaptur 2021 model year with a turbo engine turned out to be not only more powerful than the previous top version with a 2.0-liter aspirated (143 hp), but also noticeably lighter, which had a positive effect on the dynamics of the car.

The French generally did not touch the chassis settings, but the omnivorous suspension of the updated car became somewhat lower. If the pre-reform version could painlessly pass speed bumps at 60 km / h, then the restyled SUV copes with this task only at 50 km / h. However, on bad roads, Katyur still pleases with its high smoothness.

The French off-road vehicle has a high center of gravity, but it handles quite well at the same time. The rolls when cornering are moderate, and the developers managed to reduce the low-frequency buildup on a long wave (compared to the previous two-liter car).

Renault Captur 2021 in a new body

Perhaps the main advantage of the interior of the updated Renault Capture is the appearance of a steering wheel adjustable for reach, due to which it has become easier to get comfortable in the driver’s seat. The seats themselves were not changed during the restyling, but the company eliminated most of the “Logan” ergonomic errors.

For example, on the updated model, the space between the front seats has been redesigned, and the cupholders and transmission control washer are now more conveniently located. Additionally, the developers have moved the buttons for turning on the seat heating to the central tunnel.

Interesting Facts

In March of the twentieth, the French announced an upgraded version of the compact crossover Renault Captur, while the car was officially presented at the end of May during a special online presentation. The changes in the appearance of the model turned out to be so insignificant that it is not so easy to distinguish the new version from the previous one.

The key feature of the Renault Kaptur in the new body is a different radiator grille with chrome elements and side mirrors with turn signal repeaters. The color palette has been replenished with the Blue Iron shade, as well as the silver roof color Gris Platine. Wheels are 16 ″ by default, and 17-inch wheels can be ordered for a surcharge.

Inside, the crossover has retained the recognizable architecture of the front panel, while the part of the front panel, where the round deflectors, the upper glove compartment and the passenger airbag are located, is now made of soft plastic. The layout of the center console was revised, and a box-armrest with cup holders appeared above the tunnel.

The top versions are equipped with Easy Link multimedia with an 8.0-inch touchscreen, and a new multifunction steering wheel, which has heating, as well as height and reach adjustments, is called upon to delight the driver. Thanks to the electric booster, the effort on the steering wheel was reduced, and the information content, on the contrary, was increased. From lock to lock, now you need to make exactly 3.0 turns (was 3.25).

Photos of the new Renault Kaptur 2021

Car test drive video

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