Renault Logan Stepway 2021 – Photo And Price, Owner Reviews (all Cons), Buy In Moscow

How much is the new Renault Logan Stepway 2021 in Russia: on the official dealer’s website the price of the model varies from 816,000 to 994,000 rubles… The car is sold in four trim levels: Life, Life City, Drive and Drive City.

The line of power units of the front-wheel drive Renault Logan Stepway is represented by three gasoline engines, all of which have a working volume of 1.6 liters, and their power is 82, 102 and 113 hp. The first comes only with mechanics, the second only with automatic transmission, and the top-end one can be chosen either with a manual transmission or with a CVT variator.

Renault Logan Stepway 2021

Configuration and prices Renault Logan Stepway 2021.

Equipment Price
1.6 (82 HP) Life MT5 864 000
1.6 (113 HP) Life MT5 903 000
1.6 (102 hp) Life AT4 943 000
1.6 (113 л.с.) Life CVT 958 000
1.6 (113 hp) Drive MT5 973 000
1.6 (102 hp) Drive AT4 1 013 000
1.6 (113 л.с.) Drive City CVT 1 028 000

MT5 – 5-speed mechanics, AT4 – 4-speed automatic, CVT – variator

  • Initial complete set Life includes 16-inch steel wheels, ABS, two airbags, air conditioning, metallic painted bodywork, front power windows, heated seats, fog lights, power steering, central locking with remote control, and electrically adjustable heated mirrors.
  • Execution Drive has an audio system, rear power windows, climate control, a 7.0-inch touchscreen multimedia system with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces, a phone preparation and four airbags.
  • Each of the versions can be ordered in a “city” version City, which is characterized by a special exterior design with two-tone wheels, black mirror caps and corresponding logos on the B-pillars.

Pros and cons of Renault Logan Stepway

+ Pros

  • High ground clearance
  • Suspension
  • Landing
  • Design
  • Reliability
– Minuses

  • Fuel consumption
  • Ergonomics
  • Noise isolation

Renault Logan Stepway owner reviews

The 1.6 engine is more than enough, even with a margin I would say. On the track, I overtook mainly in fifth. The car is going briskly enough. If you do not drive and lightly press the gas, then the flow rate is 5.8, and the average on the highway is 6.5.

I drove off on rough roads – it was nice to feel that there was a margin of ground clearance. There seems to be no buttermilk. It seemed that over 6,000 km the level may have dropped by 1-2 mm. In general, the car for this money is just super, throttle response, comfortable, the steering wheel is cool, it looks good.

Review of Renault Logan Stepway 1.6 (113 HP) manual transmission 2020

The disadvantages of the new Renault Logna Stepway are poor sound insulation of the arches and bottom. High consumption – in winter it illuminates 12.5 liters, in summer 10.5-11.5 in the urban cycle. Cash costs for gasoline increased by 15-20% on average, compared to my previous Lada Vesta. An inconvenient button for unlocking the trunk, the contours of the doors are poorly “rubberized”, there are no plastic linings on the sills inside the cabin, uncomfortable front seats.

Regular autostart is nonsense, namely, there is no feedback, it tries to start only up to -25, the range of action is very small (if there is interference, then it does not react from 10 meters), I also note that the floor covering is thin and of poor quality – it does not hold warm, automatic transmission lacks fifth gear on the track.

Review about Renault Logan Stepway 1.6 (102 hp) on the machine 2019

The ground clearance is 195 mm, so you can safely park to the curbs. But on a car with a variator, the steel protection of the power unit is regularly installed, 170 mm remained under the protection (I did not measure it myself, data from the Internet). It seems to me that this is still quite enough for driving on bad roads and courtyards.

The engine-variator link is excellent, the car rides very well. So far, in no situation has there been a feeling that there is not enough power. Leave the gas station and integrate into the stream, overtake on the highway, increase the speed on the rise – no problem.

The steering wheel is comfortable. The location of the buttons on the steering wheel is inconvenient. The instrument cluster is inconvenient, you have to get used to it. The main drawback for me is that I can’t see the speedometer readings well. The location of any buttons is not always logical, even strange.

Review of the new Logan Stepway 1.6 (113 hp) with a variator 2020

On the chassis rushing like a tank. The car goes smoothly, steadily, drove 150 and 180 – it holds the road, but the golden mean for it is 110-120 on the highway. If you go faster – the automatic transmission begins to hum, there is not enough of that 5. The machine itself is reliable, old, time-tested, it changes gears smoothly, without jerks. I liked the new optics, it gives a powerful light. Engine 16 kl is a reliable cast-iron block with a long service life. The new steering wheel looks great.

Now from the minuses: the first one I encountered was the heating of the legs, their old sore was never eliminated. Then the noise insulation began to enrage – there is practically none of it here: neither in the doorway, nor in the back, you go and whistle in the cabin. Heated windshield is a good thing, but the wipers are located below the heating zone, when you turn it on, everything melts and flows onto them, and they freeze and do not turn on. It’s still bad that the dashboard does not show the coolant temperature.

Review of the new Renault Logan Stepway 1.6 (102 HP) automatic transmission 2019

Of the minuses, I note the howl of the box. He was in the last Logan in the first gear, here he is on everyone, up to the third – it’s just nonsense, howling like a trolleybus. The build quality is still worse than on the previous generation. Fuel consumption is rather high – I have about 11-13 liters on my computer (average speed 30-35).

Strange suspension work – in order to more or less painlessly pass the next such obstacle, you need to slow down to almost zero, otherwise an extremely hard, unpleasant, loud shot occurs. The electronic gas pedal is also very annoying – this is manifested in a delay in the reaction to pressing the pedal.

Review of Renault Logan Stepway 1.6 (113 hp) on the mechanics of 2020


Renault Logan Stepway 2021

The new body of Renault Logan Stepway 2021 is built on the basis of the front-wheel drive “bogie” M0, which is characterized by a transverse arrangement of the power unit and a body made with extensive use of high-strength grades of steel.

At the front, the French sedan uses a MacPherson-type independent suspension, and at the rear, a semi-independent design with a torsion beam. Additionally, shock absorbers and anti-roll bars are installed “in a circle”. The front wheels of the four-door got disc brakes, but the rear wheels got more accessible drum mechanisms. Renault Logan Stepway has the following overall dimensions, mm:

  • Length – 4 359
  • Width – 1 733
  • Height – 1 517
  • Wheelbase – 2 634
  • Ground clearance (clearance) – 195

The trunk volume of the four-door is 510 liters. The model is equipped with a 50-liter fuel tank, and its curb weight ranges from 1,106 to 1,156 km (depending on the selected engine / equipment). The Renault Logan Stepway powertrain lineup consists of three 1.6-liter gasoline engines that can work with mechanics, automatic transmission and CVT.

Trunk Renault Logan Stepway

  • The initial versions of the sedan rely on the K7M engine. Working in tandem with a five-speed manual transmission, its output is 82 hp. and 134 Nm. From a place to a hundred, such a car accelerates in 13.9 seconds, developing speeds up to 163 kilometers per hour.
  • As an alternative, the Logan Stepway can be ordered with a 102 horsepower (145 Nm) K4M engine, in conjunction with which a four-speed automatic machine works. In this case, acceleration from 0-100 km / h is possible in 11.7 seconds, and the maximum speed reaches 171 km / h.
  • Plus, the H4M engine with 113 forces and 152 Nm of torque is available for the car. This unit can operate both mechanically and with a variator. The manual transmission version is capable of accelerating from 0-100 km / h in 10.7 seconds, and its speed limit is 177 km / h. A car with a CVT is slightly slower – 12.1 seconds and 170 km / h, respectively.

The suspension of the elevated 2021 Renault Logan Stepway off-road is tuned slightly stiffer than the usual Logan, so it is better to slow down in front of large road irregularities (for example, “speed bumps”), otherwise the car will buckle, forcing the rear passengers to jump in the seats.

In turn, the increased ground clearance (+ 40) made the car’s behavior during active driving somewhat imposing. In particular, the car began to roll more strongly in corners and a little slower to respond to taxiing. From the pros – now the “Frenchman” feels good on a dirt road: the increased suspension travel smooths out pits and bumps, while breakdowns are not observed even when driving through the most difficult sections.

Salon Renault Logan Stepway

The front seats in the cabin of the new Renault Logan Stepway come with a short cushion and are the same amorphous as on a regular sedan, but the landing itself is noticeably higher here, due to which visibility is somewhat better. The second row is quite spacious, but there are no amenities for rear passengers (like a folding armrest or separate ventilation deflectors).

As for the ergonomics, it is in Logan Stepway at the level of the usual version of the model, which means that all the “proprietary” mistakes are in place. For example, the steering wheel of a sedan is still adjustable only by tilt, and the climate control unit with front seat heating keys are still in the “blind” zone. Plus, the overly motley design of the dashboard can upset drivers.

Interesting Facts

The presentation of the Renault Logan Stepway, which is an all-terrain modification of the usual Logan, took place at the Moscow Motor Show in two thousand and eighteenth. This version was not previously offered.

It is easy to distinguish from the regular version of the Logan Stepway by the raised suspension and protective body kit, the black plastic linings of which adorn the bumpers, wheel arches and side skirts, making the image of the four-door more all-terrain. The ground clearance has been increased from the original 155 to 195 millimeters.

The French made the salon look richer than it really is. A stylish three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, reminiscent of that on the Arcana, as well as a new multimedia system with a 7.0-inch screen mounted in the center console allowed them to achieve the desired result.

Photos of the new Renault Logan Stepway 2021

Car test drive video

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