Renault presented the Mobilize Limo sedan for taxi and car sharing

In Europe, Renault has a Mobilize division that deals with leasing, car sharing and subscriptions for the French brand. Now it is also a full-fledged brand, the first model of which was the Limo electric sedan.

The new Mobilize Limo 2022 can hardly be called a European model. The fact is that it was developed by the Chinese joint venture JMEV, formed in 2015 by Renault and Jingliang Motors Corporation (JMC) specifically for the production of electric cars.

Mobilize Limo

The JMEV line-up already has a few simple vehicles for the domestic (Chinese) market, but the new electric sedan is a quantum leap forward compared to that.

It is interesting that in fact such a four-door was presented back in the spring of the twenty-first under the Chinese brand Yi. Now the developers have shown its European version, which will be sold under the aforementioned Mobilize brand.

Mobiles Limo boasts fully diode optics and 17-inch wheels, while it differs from the mentioned Chinese model exclusively in original nameplates and small decor. Curiously, the model’s color palette is represented by only three shades (white, black and gray).

The saloon of the sedan is spacious, and thanks to the flat floor in the back, three passengers can comfortably accommodate at once. At the same time, the model has only one equipment, with leather seats and rich equipment.

Mobilize Limo

So, the car already in the base has a 10.25-inch digital tidy and a 12.3-inch display of a multimedia system, which can please with wide online capabilities.

The electric sedan is reported to be 4,670 mm long, 1,830 mm wide and 1,470 mm high. The distance between the axles of the novelty is 2 750 mm. Trunk volume – 411 liters.

Technically, the Mobilize Limo sedan has nothing to do with Renault’s production electric cars. It is driven by a 150 hp electric motor located on the front axle. (220 Nm), which is powered by a 60 kWh lithium-ion traction battery.

The model has three ride presets Eco, Normal and Sport. From zero to hundreds, it can accelerate in 9.6 seconds, while its maximum speed is limited to 140 km / h. The power reserve is declared at 450 km.

Mobilize Limo

Among other equipment of the four-door, it is worth noting eight airbags, all-round cameras and electric front seats. It is curious that in some regions cars will be delivered without heated steering wheel and seats.

Serial production of Mobilize Limo will be established in China, and the European public will be shown the car “live” at the September Auto Show in Munich 2021. The first 40 of these electric cars will appear in the Mobilize fleet by the end of the year, but they will be designed exclusively for tests in real conditions.

There is no need to wait for a sedan in car dealerships: the French from Renault will offer it exclusively by subscription for car-sharing, rental and taxi services, and cars will be available for commercial customers only in the second half of the twenty-second.

Mobilize Limo

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