Renault Zoe 2020 – photos and price, characteristics of the new Renault Zoe

In June two thousand nineteen, Renault presented an updated version of the Zoe electric hatchback. The latter debuted in two thousand and twelve, while the current modernization of the model is the most ambitious.

Externally, the new Renault Zoe 2020 model year has changed slightly. The electric car received new bumpers, but stylistically they are similar to the old ones. But in the basic configuration, the car has fully LED optics, while the rear turn signals are made in the form of a creeping line.

New Renault Zoe 2020

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During the planned restyling, the French electric hatchback received a completely new interior, a distinctive feature of which is synthetic seat upholstery made from recycled materials. The dashboard on Renault Zoe is virtual with a 10-inch display, which displays not only stylish hand-drawn dials, but also navigation maps.

In turn, the multimedia model acquired a 9.3-inch tablet (instead of a 7.0 ″ screen), while there is support for the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces. Plus, the French have expanded the functionality of remote access from a smartphone.

Renault Zoe interior

A new climate control unit was registered on the center console, in the rotating handles of which miniature displays were built. In addition, the electric car received an unfixed transmission selector and a servo button instead of a parking brake lever. Fully LED interior lighting is designed to please passengers.

The technical filling of the Renault Zoe 2020 has also undergone refinement. First of all, the French abandoned the low-power 88- and 92-horsepower versions, so the hatchback is equipped with a 108 hp electric motor in the base. (225 Nm). Before restyling, the latter was considered the most powerful in the lineup, but now a new top-end version has appeared.

Electric Renault Zoe

We are talking about an electric motor with a capacity of 135 forces and 245 Nm of torque. A hatchback with a base engine accelerates from zero to a hundred in 11.4 seconds, and with a top-end one – in 10.0 seconds. In the first case, the electric car can be accelerated up to 135 km / h, and in the second – up to 145 km / h.

The engines receive power for their work from a lithium-ion battery, the capacity of which has been increased from 41 to 52 kWh. As a result, the new Renault Zoe is able to cover up to 390 km (according to the WLTP cycle) on one charge, that is, 63 km more than the pre-reform version.

Renault Zoe interior

At the same time, the updated compact can now be charged with both alternating and direct current. It is reported that using a special 50 kW terminal, the power reserve can be replenished by about 150 kilometers in just half an hour.

The new driving mode “B” is intended to contribute to the maximum range. When activated, the driver can control acceleration and braking exclusively with the current pedal, only occasionally using the brake pedal when necessary.

As for the equipment of the Zoe, the French electric car is equipped with a car park, automatic braking and some other electronic assistants. Plus, the company abandoned drum rear brakes in favor of disc brakes.

Renault Zoe sales in a new body on the European market are scheduled for the fall of the nineteenth year. Restyled hatchbacks will be slightly more expensive than the pre-reform ones, but the official prices are still unknown. Meanwhile, the model is one of the most popular electric vehicles in Europe – more than 150 thousand copies have been sold all the time.


Renault Zoe

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