review about Skoda Karoq after Octavia

I share the experience of driving a Skoda Karoq, which I recently moved to after Octavia. If you look at it by clothes, then a large and bright screen is striking in the salon.

It is easy to use, informative, but, in my opinion, is deaf in terms of sound. It is unlikely that the problem lies in the settings – I think you will need to delve into the “brains” of the device to get the sound akin to Octavia.

Review of Skoda Karoq 1.4 (150 HP) AT 2020

The wipers in conjunction with the rain sensor also behave strangely: they turn on like mad, then they openly hang at the most inopportune moment. Moreover, with their crazy activity, I noticed that at the left pillar, too much of the glass area remains unclean. If you do not clean the window yourself, this will seriously reduce the view and affect traffic safety.

If we talk about the chassis and engine, then the observations are as follows. Firstly, the start-stop function did not impress me personally, as it has to be manually turned off every time. Secondly, the suspension seemed to me quieter than the Octavia, although she did not avoid the characteristic “shots” when passing irregularities. As for the engine and transmission, everything is not so simple.

On the one hand, the gearbox shifts gears quickly, smoothly and imperceptibly to increase or decrease gears. But with all the power and thrust of the power unit, the car for some reason turned out to be jerky, reacting sharply to pressing the gas pedal. Perhaps, after running in, the situation will improve, now such a sharp and unstable behavior is the biggest fly in the ointment in the operation of this model.

But in sound insulation there are no complaints – it is not an example better than that of the same Octavia. Such trifles as LED optics, interior lighting and heated steering wheel are pleasantly pleasing. I also appreciated the electric tailgate, which opens and closes with a button on the driver’s door. And the family was indescribable delight from the light projection of the Skoda logo on the asphalt.

Thus, for a week of use and almost 700 km of run Skoda Karoq, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • The car wash with this machine will have to be visited very often. In dirty rainy weather, both the mirrors and the windshield suffer. Even with the deflectors on the racks, and the side windows, which delighted me so much.
  • Fuel consumption, I would estimate as acceptable – at the level of 10 liters with a ratio of about 60 to 40 in the city and on the highway.
  • Karok’s ground clearance is comparable to the Octavia, so you can’t call the car a “bigfoot”.
  • It should be borne in mind that due to the installed Apple CarPlay system, you will have to buy the appropriate wires for the Type C outputs or immediately purchase the wireless version.

So far, the impression of the car is pleasant. Let’s see what happens after longer operation and more mileage.


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