Rinspeed Bmw I3 Budii Concept Presented At The Geneva Motor Show 2015 (photos)

The Swiss company Rinspeed has unveiled its new prototype based on the BMW i3 electric car. The model, called the Budii, has a number of unique features.

The Rinspeed Budii Concept is equipped with an autonomous control system that evaluates the surrounding area using a high-resolution camera and a special telescopic laser. The periscope extends 70 cm up from the roof of the car and allows you to create the most accurate 3D image.

Rinspeed Budii Concept

The system processes the received data and uses them not only for driving on autopilot, but also for reconfiguring the air suspension for specific road conditions. The ride height adjustment range is 100 mm.

The developers note that the Rinspeed Budii gradually adapts to the driver’s driving style, remembering his preferences. In addition, the prototype is able to “communicate” with other cars, as well as road infrastructure. Well, the function of automatic parking now does not surprise anyone.

Салон Rinspeed Budii

However, the Swiss specialists did not limit themselves to only one autonomous control system. Rinspeed BMW i3 Budii Concept also received a moving steering column, which, according to the developers, will allow the driver to find the most comfortable steering position for him.

The steering wheel can be located both directly near the driver and next to the passenger. And when autonomous mode is activated, the steering column folds effectively in front of the seats. Judging by the photographs, only the person sitting on the left can fully drive the car, since the pedal assembly is located there, and its position cannot be changed.

Interestingly, the connection between the steering wheel and the wheels is carried out on the same principle as in the Infiniti Q50 hybrid sedan, that is, the mechanical components are replaced by electronic counterparts. Rinspeed implemented this idea thanks to the Steer-by-wire technology developed by Paravan.

Prototype Rinspeed BMW i3 Budii

To provide even greater comfort, the car was equipped with retractable curtains on the windows, wireless charging of gadgets, infotainment and audio systems from Harman. Plus, the package includes (attention!) A pair of Segways. The compact two-wheeled electric helmets sit on special retractable platforms in the rear of the Budii.

The unique prototype is set in motion by a power plant with a capacity of 170 hp. (250 Nm), the power reserve of which is enough for about 200 km. The claimed acceleration from 0-100 km / h is 7.2 seconds, and the maximum speed is 150 km / h.

Видео Rinspeed Budii Concept

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