Russian Mitsubishi Outlander 3 has undergone an easy upgrade

The Mitsubishi Outlander 3 crossover of the current (third) generation, produced at the plant in Kaluga, has undergone a slight update. The changes outside are insignificant: instead of a chrome grille, the car received a black one (as on the special version of the Black Edition).

The 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander roof rails appear with the second Invite trim level, although they were previously available from the Intense + version. On the updated SUVs, they are again black.

Updated Outlander 3

Equipment price, rub.
2.0 (146 л.с.) Inform CVT 1 919 000
2.0 (146 л.с.) Invite CVT 2 039 000
2.0 (146 л.с.) Invite AWD CVT 2 179 000
2.0 (146 л.с.) Intense+ CVT 2 199 000
2.0 (146 hp) Intensity + AWD CVT 2 309 000
2.0 (146 л.с.) Intense+ 7S AWD CVT 2 359 000
2.0 (146 л.с.) Instyle AWD CVT 2 389 000
2.4 (167 л.с.) Instyle AWD CVT 2 519 000
2.4 (167 л.с.) Ultimate AWD CVT 2 689 000
2.4 (167 л.с.) Ultimate 7S AWD CVT 2 719 000

CVT – variator, AWD – four-wheel drive, 7S – seven seats

Mitsubishi lineup

During the mini-restyling, the crossover also received a spoiler on the fifth door, but it relies on only three older versions (Intense +, Instyle and Ultimate). In addition, fog lamp covers have become available for cars, but they are completely the privilege of the top version. Plus, with the update, the Japanese revised the wheel design.

It is no longer possible to order the Outlander with a beige interior, and the seats of the top versions of Instyle and Ultimate will now be fitted with a combination of leatherette and fabric upholstery, while previously used natural and artificial leather for their finishing.

The Yandex.Auto multimedia system, which is supplied with the Intense + and Instyle versions, has also undergone improvements. In particular, its functionality was expanded by adding the services “MTS Music” and “MTS TV”, and the complex was also able to play video clips from a USB-drive.

The underfloor organizer for the updated Outlander is now available starting with the Invite trim level, and the electric tailgate is available from the Instyle version.

Updated Outlander 3

So far, the update has affected only the five-seater version of the model, while the prices for the crossover have become slightly higher. Depending on the configuration, cars with a 2.0-liter engine (146 hp) have risen in price by 30-60 thousand rubles, and cars with a 2.4-liter engine (167 hp) – by 80-100 thousand rubles

Note that in some markets, a completely new Mitsubishi Outlander 4 generation is already available, but such cars will reach Russia only in 2022 and, as expected, will become even more expensive than their predecessor.

Updated Outlander 3

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