SAIC’s premium brand IM unveils electric sedan

The brand IM (Intelligence in Motion), established by the Chinese concern SAIC to sell expensive and technically advanced electric cars, has presented its first model – an as yet unnamed sedan.

The four-door novelty has received a futuristic exterior design with complex narrow strokes of matrix headlights and the same DRL. It is reported that the main headlights consist of 5,000 diodes, which not only allow you to flexibly change the shape of the light beam, but also display prompts for the driver on the road surface if necessary.

IM sedan

The sedan featured in the photos also has a streamlined silhouette and cameras instead of traditional side mirrors. All doors are servo-controlled, while the interior of the model features semi-aniline leather and wood veneer trims.

The main feature of the interior is a 39-inch display across the entire width of the front panel, as well as an equally large screen on the center console. At the same time, there are no physical buttons in the car at all (sensors are used even on the multifunction steering wheel).

The IM electric sedan is 5,000 mm long and 1,960 mm wide. A double wishbone suspension is used on the front of the four-door, and a multi-link at the back. Brembo brakes are installed “in a circle”. The Chinese note that experts from the Williams formula team helped them in setting up the chassis.

The car is driven by two electric motors with a total capacity of 544 hp. (700 Nm). According to the manufacturer, overclocking from zero to hundreds is possible in 3.9 seconds, but the maximum speed is not specified.

IM sedan

The lithium-ion traction battery for the electric sedan was developed in collaboration with CATL, and instead of graphite, it uses silicon to help increase its maximum capacity. By the way, the battery can be 93 or 115 kWh (depending on the configuration).

It is reported that with a more capacious battery, a four-door can drive up to 870 km. In addition to the usual chargers, the electric car also has an 11 kW induction wireless charging, and the Chinese placed the receiving device under the bottom of the car.

For the IM sedan, an autopilot is also announced, consisting of 15 cameras, 12 ultrasonic and 5 mm radars. The processing of the data coming from these devices is carried out by the Nvidia Xavier processor module. Under the windshield there is a Carlog on-board video recorder, consisting of three cameras at once with a coverage of 180 degrees.

The IM sedan is expected to hit the Chinese market at the end of 2021, while the company is also working on an electric crossover, which has so far been presented only as a full-size mockup without a cabin. Its launch into production will take place in two thousand and twenty-two.

IM sedan

IM sedan

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