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Many people are used to thinking that buying a new car in the showroom of an authorized dealer is quite simple: come, pay and leave. But in reality, the picture is completely different. Nowadays, car dealerships often make money not so much on the sale of the car itself as on special stages. And we are talking not only about conditional rugs, protection or installation of an anti-theft system, but also about loans, insurance and trade-in.

When you are in search of a new “iron horse”, then you are looking on the net best discounts on cars, but when you come to the dealer, it turns out that either that very advantageous offer is not available, or the cost of the selected car turned out to be significantly higher due to the additional equipment installed on it, or something else.

Selection of a new car

But this is only the beginning, because there is more to come. For example, when handing over his old car to a trade-in, the dealer is most often ready to accept it at a price significantly lower than the market price. When applying for a loan, you will definitely need to issue an expensive CASCO policy, and all this is carried out on the spot. On the one hand, it seems to be convenient, but on the other, the cost of these services is often significantly higher here.

And how to be in such a situation? When you are looking for a car on the secondary, you can turn to an auto-picker for help, who will help you find the right car, check its “cleanliness” in the databases, inspect the body and technical condition, and also be able to bargain competently with the owner. Now a similar set of services is offered for the purchase of a new car.

It works according to the following scheme: go to the site with the author’s blog, leave a request for the selection of a new car with a discount, and after some time you will receive a favorable offer. Next, you will need to come to the official to complete the deal. At the same time, you pay the pickup for finding the best prices from dealers at the very end – after buying the car.

Selection of a new car

It is also worth noting that an integrated approach to saving on buying a new car provides not only the selection itself, but also the rejection of unnecessary options from the dealer, profitable insurance with the use of maximum discounts, plus improved conditions for a loan or leasing, providing for a decrease in the level of overpayments.

But that’s not all – when contacting VIP PODBOR AVTO there is an option to further improve the conditions for handing over your car to trade-in, and this can be done even if you have already made an advance payment. And you will certainly be interested in how you can get additional benefits in each of the areas described above.

One of the key points is maintaining friendly relations with the management of car dealerships, personal acquaintances with the right people from the sales departments, as well as a lot of experience. The cost of auto selection services is quite democratic and is more than offset by the final profitable one. Thus, you do not risk anything, since no prepayment is required, and the calculation is made after receiving the car.

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