Skoda Rapid 2021 – photo and price in a new body, model overview, buy in Moscow

How much does the new Skoda Rapid 2021 cost in Russia: according to the official dealer, the price of the car varies from 964,000 to 1,363,000 rubles… In our market, the liftback is offered in four trim levels: Entry, Active, Ambition and Style.

The line of power units of the Russian Skoda Rapid includes three gasoline engines: the base 1.6-liter aspirated engine is available in two power options, while the initial version comes only with mechanics, and an automatic machine is also available to the more powerful one. The top variant comes with a 1.4-liter turbo engine and a DSG robot.

New Skoda Rapid 2021

Configurations and prices of Skoda Rapid 2021.

Equipment Price
1.6 (90 hp) Entry MT5 964 000
1.6 (90 HP) Active MT5 977 000
1.6 (110 HP) Active MT5 1 031 000
1.6 (90 HP) Ambition MT5 1 052 000
1.6 (110 л.с.) Active AT6 1 081 000
1.6 (110 HP) Ambition MT5 1 106 000
1.6 (110 л.с.) Ambition AT6 1 156 000
1.4 (125 л.с.) Ambition DSG7 1 202 000
1.6 (90 hp) Style MT5 1 213 000
1.6 (110 hp) Style MT5 1 267 000
1.6 (110 HP) Style AT6 1 267 000
1.4 (125 hp) Style DSG7 1 363 000

MT5 – mechanics 5-speed, AT6 – automatic 6-speed, DSG7 – robot 7-speed.

  • In basic configuration Entry The liftback has 15-inch steel wheels, ABS, ESP, LED headlights, an audio system, two airbags, a 6.5-inch touchscreen multimedia display, front power windows, and remote control central locking. The next version is Active differs only in the presence of an air conditioner.
  • In turn, more expensive execution Ambition boasts four airbags, foglights, rear power windows, passive cruise control, support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, heated seats and electrically adjustable heated mirrors. On a car with a robotic DSG gearbox, there is additionally a system of assistance when starting off uphill.
  • Top-end equipment Style additionally includes light-alloy wheels, while there are already six airbags in its arsenal. Plus, the equipment of the flagship has been expanded with adaptive headlights, light and rain sensors, rear parking sensors, climate control and an engine start button.


Skoda Rapid 2021 in a new body

The new 2021 Skoda Rapid body is built on the old PQ25 platform as the first generation model. Moreover, the Czech liftback has retained the same power structure of the body and has the same suspension scheme: MacPherson struts with an anti-roll bar are installed in front of it, and a torsion beam at the back.

The most affordable version of the model has disc brakes only at the front, while simpler drum mechanisms are installed at the rear. In more expensive trim levels, “discs” are used “in a circle”. Skoda Rapid liftback has the following overall dimensions, mm

  • Length – 4 485
  • Width – 1 706
  • Height – 1 475
  • Wheelbase – 2,602
  • Ground clearance (clearance) – 170

According to the data sheet, the trunk volume of the five-door is 530 liters, while the rear row seats can be folded down, after which the capacity of the cargo compartment will be 1,460 liters. The liftback has a 50-liter fuel tank, and its curb weight directly depends on the selected engine / equipment level and varies from 1 195 to 1 255 kg.

Salon Škoda Rapid

  • In the base, the new Skoda Rapid is equipped with a 1.6-liter 90 hp engine. (155 Nm), which works in conjunction with a five-speed manual. It takes 11.4 seconds to accelerate from zero to hundreds of the initial version, and its maximum speed reaches 184 km / h.
  • A 110-horsepower version of this engine, which has the same torque, is put on more expensive modifications. You can order such a car both with the aforementioned mechanics and with a six-speed automatic. The manual transmission version is capable of accelerating from 0-100 km / h in 10.7 seconds, developing speeds up to 195 km / h. The version with automatic transmission is slower: its indicators are 11.8 seconds and 190 km / h, respectively.
  • The top version of the model comes with a 1.4-liter turbo engine with 125 forces and 200 Nm of torque, which works only with a seven-speed DSG robot. Such a car is capable of exchanging the first hundred on the speedometer after 9.2 seconds after the start, and its speed limit is 204 kilometers per hour.

New model Skoda Rapid 2021

Model overview

Skoda Rapid 2021 in a new body with an initial 90-horsepower engine frankly does not shine with dynamics, while a 110-horsepower engine is enough almost always and everywhere (especially if you take a car with a manual transmission). Fans of “light” it is best to pay attention to a car with a turbo engine.

The owners of the former Rapid were often scolded for the “oak” suspension. On the updated car, it became somewhat softer, but nothing more. The chassis still clearly transmits all shock loads to the body and is perceived as comfortable only on perfectly flat roads. But such suspension settings provide excellent controllability – the “Czech” drives really excellently.

The front seats of the liftback have one of the shortest cushions in the B-class segment, which can make the driver and front passenger uncomfortable (especially if they are taller than average). At the same time, the seats have a fairly embossed profile and optimal packing density, but their lateral support rollers are weakly expressed.

For a surcharge, you can order a car with “sports” seats, but their lateral support is again insignificant. As for ergonomics, it is also ambiguous on the new Skoda Rapid: the model received a different steering wheel with a revised layout of the keys on the spokes. The buttons are not logical here, and it will take time to learn how to use them “blindly”.

Interesting Facts

The presentation of the new Skoda Rapid took place at a special event in St. Petersburg in December nineteenth. The novelty actually turned out to be a deep restyling of its predecessor. And if the outside and inside of the car has been thoroughly worked on, then all the technical “stuffing” has remained the same.

The design of the new body of the Skoda Rapid 2021 model year was a success: the five-door flaunts the front end in the style of the European Scala hatchback with fashionable triangular diode headlights adjoining an enlarged grille, framed by chrome edging.

The car also boasts a redesigned stern with a modified bumper, trunk lid and beautiful L-shaped headlights, reminiscent of those on the Octavia A8. As on the latter, an inscription with the name of the brand appeared on the back instead of the emblem. It was decided to abandon the basic 14-inch wheels, so now wheels are offered for the car at least 15 and 16 ″ with the original pattern.

A huge step forward was made in the interior design: the front panel, instrument panel and center console are almost completely taken from the mentioned Skala model. The base has a two-spoke steering wheel and an analog tidy, but virtual dials are available for an extra charge, as well as a sports three-spoke “steering wheel” with heating.

Photo of the new Skoda Rapid 2021

Car test drive video

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