August 19, 2022

Inline-six cylinder engines have returned in fashion as automakers seek to provide the same torque and power as V8 engines but in a smaller package.

Officially referred to as the GME-T6, the latest Hurricane straight-six shares its bore stroke, cylinder spacing and stroke along with the GME-4 Hurricane 2.0-litre gasoline engine with turbocharged four-cylinders. It comes in Wrangler, Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee 4xe plug-in hybrid.

Its Hurricane six-cylinder engine is initially available in two different states of tuning. Standard Output engine Standard Output engine is expected to produce at the minimum 298kW (400hp) and 610Nm. A limiter in the electronic circuit prevents it from running over 5800rpm.

When in the High Output form, the motor will generate at least 373kW (500hp) and 644Nm and 6100rpm as the highest speed at which the engine can operate. The exact output of power and torque will differ from vehicle car.

As per Stellantis, Hurricane straight-six engines produce 90 percent of their maximum torque between 2350rpm up to the redline.

Like the 4-cylinder Hurricane engines Straight-six versions is also available in hybrid plug-in drivetrains. Information on PHEV applications has been delayed in their release.

The Hurricane six comes with cast aluminum block with forged steel crankshaft with connecting rods as well as the ultra-thin Plasma Transfer Wire Arc low-friction coating for the bores of the cylinders. The automatic engine stop/start feature is an option on the standard.

To minimize the lag of turbos, there are two turbos that have low-inertia, each feeding three cylinders. The turbos of the standard engine produce an maximum boost of 22psi and the high output model has a maximum of 26psi.

Other modifications for high output engines include cast instead of forged aluminium pistons, two injection pumps and a diamond-like coating on the pins and an 9.5:1 instead of 10.4:1. 10.4:1 compression ratio. Premium unleaded fuel is essential for high output engines and is recommended only for standard engines.

The engine is constructed at the Saltillo Engine Plant in Mexico and will be installed mostly in larger North American-built vehicles, which includes future models built in models based on the STLA Large and STLA Frame design.

In case the firm’s glitch with the configurator was anything to be influenced by it is likely that this year’s Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are likely to be the first cars to be equipped with the brand new engine.

As per screencaps captured yesterday according to screencaps taken yesterday, the Hurricane straight-six is an $2000 ($2660) improvement over 351kW/617Nm 6.4-litre V8.

The engine is scheduled to debut at the New York motor show.

When it comes time, the Hurricane six could be incorporated in it’s place in the Gran Cherokee and Ram 1500 pickup truck models. It may also be included in the replacements of those who own the Dodge Challenger coupe and Charger sedan.

The straight-six in the future could eventually replace most Hemi V8 engine options from the range of options offered by the automaker.

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