Subaru Forester 2021 – photo and price, configuration and characteristics, buy in Moscow

How much is the new 2021 Subaru Forester in Russia: crossover prices vary on the official dealer’s website from 2,439,000 to 3,219,900 rubles… Our car is sold in six trim levels: Standart, Comfort, Elegance, Elegance + and Premium.

The line of power units for the Russian version of the 5th generation Subaru Forester is represented by 2.0- and 2.5-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engines (both four-cylinder). Motors work in conjunction with a continuously variable variator, the model’s drive is already complete in the base.

New Subaru Forester 2021

Models and prices Subaru Forester 2021.

Equipment price, rub.
2.0 (150 л.с.) Standard 4WD CVT 2 529 000
2.0 (150 л.с.) Comfort 4WD CVT 2 649 900
2.0 (150 л.с.) Elegance 4WD CVT 2 769 900
2.0 (150 л.с.) Elegance ES 4WD CVT 3 009 900
2.5 (185 л.с.) Elegance+ ES 4WD CVT 3 199 900
2.5 (185 HP) Sport 4WD CVT 3 209 900
2.5 (185 л.с.) Premium ES 4WD CVT 3 309 900

CVT – variator, 4WD – four-wheel drive

  • Equipment Standard includes seven airbags, a stabilization system, light and rain sensors, diode head optics, multimedia with a 6.5-inch screen, climate control, heated front seats and an electric driver’s drive, a start / stop system, 17 “wheels and off-road driving electronics X-Mode.
  • Version Comfort supplemented with foglights, a rear view camera, an 8.0-inch media display, heated steering wheel and rear sofa, and cruise control.
  • Execution Elegance It means, among other things, a leather interior, a standard navigation system, an electric boot lid, an engine start button and a keyless entry function, as well as tinted rear windows.
  • On Elegance+ the back of the rear sofa is equipped with a tilt angle adjustment, and the virtual transmissions of the variator can be changed using the under-rake petals. In addition, in addition, there is a complex EyeSight, which includes adaptive cruise control with functions of automatic braking and hold in the lane, monitoring of “blind” spots, a side-view camera and an assistant when reversing.
  • Top-end equipment Premium boasts a Harman / Kardon audio system, a sunroof, an electric front passenger seat, silver decor outside and 18-inch alloy wheels.

Pros and cons of Subaru Forester V

+ Pros

  • Trunk
  • High ground clearance
  • Variable speed drive
  • Controllability
  • Salon
  • Profitability
– Minuses

  • Music
  • Color quality
  • Passability
  • Suspension
  • Noise isolation

Owner reviews Subaru Forester 2020-2021

I understand that this will sound ridiculous in 2020, but my father and I get a thrill from opening the fifth door with a button, if only it would open with a kick – then there would be beauty in general. It does not open for a long time, but also not quickly. It will go. In terms of the width of the opening, it is probably the leader in the class, it is really very wide. The depth of the place is also with a margin. Hooks for bags are provided on the sides.

Review of the new Subaru Forester 2.5 (185 HP) CVT 2020

Mileage 12,000 km. I got to light off-road (forest, field), I was disappointed … Despite the vaunted ground clearance, the front bumper skirt scoops, digs and makes it impossible to overcome any minor obstacles. As for the rest, I am satisfied with the car: driving performance is pleasing, consumption is not annoying.

Alexey, review of Subaru Forester Comfort 2.0 (150 HP) CVT 2019

Design is a matter of taste, but this one is clearly not a masterpiece. So, my highest configuration is given by the sunroof and silver lining at the bottom of the bumpers and sills. For me, without these overlays, especially in the front, the view would be better.

In general, the Forester 5 design has an excessive pretentiousness, as if the developers tried to add as many details as possible to make the car stand out, like a woman who put on all her jewelry at once. As a result, the overkill and the “made by engineers” car looks very much an amateur.

Review of Subaru Forester 2.5 with CVT 2019

The predecessor, in comparison with the new Forestor, is just an UAZ. On the fourth without additional Shumkov, I could not ride, although both cars with a 2.0 engine, but the sensations are completely different. And the engine of the fifth is on friendly terms with the variator better than the fourth – it does not yell after a kick on the gas, like a victim.

I would be absolutely happy with the car, but … if at the beginning of the movement I release the brake, then I hear a loud metallic knock. It is not just loud, but like iron to iron, but the officials say “The flight is normal, all equipment is working properly, a design feature.”

Nikolay, a review of the 2020 Subaru Forester 2.0

In general, the sensations from the car are positive, while the most pleasure is to ride in the snow. The car drives confidently, although, of course, not a tank, and where it should sit – sit down. After pokatushek on the snow 100% grabs the pads, so after stopping I roll it back and forth several times so that it doesn’t freeze – the sound of breaking the frozen pads is just hard!

Sergey, review of the new Subaru Forester 2.5 CVT 2019 onwards.

Gasoline consumption, of course, I would like to be like Tesla’s, but taking into account 2.5 liters and a permanent all-wheel drive, it turns out not so much. A city with New Year’s Moscow traffic jams – 12.0 liters, a highway – 9.0 liters (at a speed of 120 km / h), and then about + 1 liter for every 20 km / h increase in speed.

In order to avoid disputes over the reliability of the data, I will clarify that this is without warming up (a car from a warm parking lot from home and work), and there was a trip along the highway in winter and at full load. Now the average consumption of the BC shows 10.2 l / 100 km (75% city, 25% highway).

Nikita, review of Subaru Forester 2.5 with CVT 2019


Subaru Forester 2021 in a new body

The new 2021 Subaru Forester body is built on the SGP modular platform (Subaru Global Platform) with a longitudinal engine, while its body is made with abundant use of high-strength steels, which made it possible to increase the torsional rigidity of the structure

The SUV retains the same suspension scheme with front-mounted MacPherson struts and double wishbones at the rear, and ventilated disc brakes are used on all wheels of the model.

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive is the default crossover. It has an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch, which normally transmits traction to the rear axle in a ratio of 60:40, although this proportion may change with changing road conditions. Crossover Subaru Forester 5th generation has the following overall dimensions, mm

  • Length – 4 625
  • Width – 1815
  • Height – 1 730
  • Wheelbase – 2 670
  • Ground clearance (clearance) – 220

Trunk Subaru Forester 5th generation

By default, the trunk volume of the car is 505 liters, but with the rear row seats folded, its capacity reaches 1,775 liters. The fuel tank of the model is 63 liters. The curb weight of the car depends on the specific configuration and the selected engine, which is why this indicator varies in the range from 1,599 to 1,630 kg.

  • The basic versions of the Subaru Forester 2021 in the new body are equipped with a 2.0-liter aspirated gasoline FB20 with a capacity of 150 hp. (196 Nm). This power unit works in conjunction with a continuously variable variator, allowing the car to accelerate from zero to hundreds in 10.3 seconds. The maximum speed of the modification is 193 km / h.
  • More efficient versions are based on the 2.5-liter naturally aspirated FB25 gasoline engine. It also works with a CVT, but already produces 185 forces and 239 Nm of torque. According to the data sheet, this option accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 9.5 seconds, developing speeds up to 207 kilometers per hour.

Even with a basic engine, the new Forester drives very well, but for regular intercity trips, it is still better to look at a car with a 2.5-liter engine, which is much easier to overtake on the highway.

On public roads, the suspension of the crossover is perceived to be quite soft and comfortable, especially in two-liter cars, however, as soon as the driver pulls down onto a country road, the picture changes dramatically – the chassis begins to transmit all more or less significant irregularities, and breakdowns are periodically observed altogether. In this regard, the suspension of the predecessor was tuned noticeably better.

Off-road passability of the “Forester” pleasantly surprises, and the car feels good on virgin soil even without activating the special X-Mode. This is largely due to the high ground clearance, as well as the presence of metal engine protection.

Interesting Facts

The premiere of the new (fifth in a row) generation Subaru Forester mid-size crossover took place at the March 2018 New York Auto Show, while the Japanese did not delay the start of sales, and the car appeared in Russia in the fall of the same year.

Video of the new Subaru Forester 2021

Overview (exterior and interior)

The changes in the appearance of the new model of the Subaru Forester 2021 are for the most part evolutionary, so it is not so easy to distinguish it from the version of the previous generation right off the bat. In particular, the crossover has retained the characteristic radiator grille with a wide chrome strip on which the brand’s emblem is located, the curvature of the window sill line, which rises smoothly in the area of ​​the rear pillars, as well as the muscular tides on the wheel arches.

At the same time, the shape of the head optics and rear lights, which received a C-shape, the design of bumpers and sections for foglights, appeared, new options for wheel disks and body paint appeared, and the most noticeable element was the stamping on the sidewalls, stretching from the front fender through the door handles to the edges of the rear side window.

Salon Subaru Forester 2021

Also for the first time in the range appeared the version “Sport”, but this option stands out exclusively for the external decor – no changes in terms of technology are provided for it. A similar modification is given by red accents around the body, gloss black instead of chrome, tinted lights and dark wheels.

The new body of the 2021 Subaru Forester has a strict conservative interior design with a soft plastic front panel, in the center of which is mounted an 8.0-inch display of the multimedia system. There is also a smaller screen above this monitor, which the manufacturer suggests using to display various secondary information (for example, an indication of the operation of all electronic assistants).

The car also has a multifunction steering wheel with three large spokes and an analog tidy with a color screen of the trip computer between the dials of the tachometer and speedometer. On the center console attention is drawn to the washer of the “X-Mode” system, which on cars in top trim levels has two modes of operation: “snow / mud” and “deep snow / deep mud”.

At the front, the Subaru Forester 5 has tight seats with clearly marked lateral bolsters. The presence of electric adjustments and a sufficient supply of free space in the legs and overhead allows passengers of any configuration to comfortably accommodate. The rear sofa not only has a heated pillow, but also a backrest.

Subaru Forester 2021

The rear riders also have ventilation deflectors, a pair of USB ports, plus organizer pockets on the backs of the front seats. In general, Forester’s ergonomics are in order. For example, on the doors, the Japanese have provided plastic overlays that cover the sills from dirt, and there are even massive footrests in the back, which you can lean on when securing the load on the roof.

In turn, the multimedia system of the model pleases with a quick response and a pleasant-looking picture, although the TomTom navigation included in its arsenal cannot show traffic jams. The pluses include good sound insulation: the cabin is quite quiet, even despite the absence of noise-absorbing glasses.

Car test drive video

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