Subaru Forester Sport 2021 – photo and price, characteristics of the new Forester Sport

The 5th generation Subaru Forester crossover has finally received a version with a turbo engine. The corresponding modification with the prefix “Sport” in the name is presented in Japan.

The 2021 Subaru Forester Sport has a blackened grille and a pair of exhaust pipes, while all other versions of the model have only one pipe. Plus, this car has special 18-inch wheels. In turn, the “sporty” interior attracts attention with contrasting stitching and pedal pads.

Subaru Forester Sport 2021

Subaru lineup

The modification is set in motion by the new 1.8-liter boxer turbo engine CB18, which previously debuted on the Subaru Levorg station wagon. The unit with direct fuel injection, a cylinder diameter of 80.6 mm and a piston stroke of 88 mm, has a return of only 177 hp. (300 Nm). For comparison, the Forester turbo versions of previous generations had a herd of 240-280 “horses”.

However, for the Japanese version of the model, the new unit turned out to be the most powerful in the range, although in some markets (including Russia) the new Forester can also be ordered with a 2.5-liter aspirated engine with 185 hp (239 Nm).

Subaru Forester Sport 2021

The turbo engine works in tandem with a standard wedge-chain variator, and the drive on the Forester Sport is, of course, full. Unfortunately, the developers do not advertise the dynamic characteristics of the crossover, but they promise a more driver-like character due to the reconfigured suspension, which received different springs and shock absorbers.

In addition to the introduction of the Sport version, the automaker has also revised the entire Japanese model range. From now on, in the home market “Lesnik” can be ordered either with a new turbo engine, or in a hybrid version with an e-Boxter power plant, consisting of a 2.0-liter aspirated engine (145 hp and 188 Nm), an electric motor (14 l .with. and 65 Nm) and a variator.

Note that the twin-engine versions are offered in three trim levels (Touring, X-Break and Advance), while the electronic add-on Driver Monitoring System appears in the list of their equipment. The latter implies the presence of a camera in the front panel that recognizes the driver and activates his favorite settings (provided that this person was previously driving a car).

In Japan, taking orders for the 2021 Subaru Forester has already started. The hybrid crossover here costs at least $ 27,800 (2.1 million rubles at the current exchange rate), while the Sport version with a turbocharged engine was estimated at $ 31,400 (2.4 million rubles).

Subaru Forester Sport 2021

Subaru Forester Sport 2021

Subaru Forester Sport 2021

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