September 27, 2022

It’s the Ford Bronco reversed, Ford Bronco this. It’s a Raptor, a Raptor, it is the Everglades. What do you think about the Jeep Wrangler’s history? Do you have something to add? There are. Although not significant (no Rubicon 392), the 2022 Wrangler High Tide gives you the opportunity to live the aftermarket dealer lifestyle. Big tires, custom hoods, and a windshield with tricks are all available directly to the retailer. High Tide’s first 500 models are called “Playa” and will give you all the details. High Tide is a vehicle you can drive to the beach in. It might be at the beach. This is not something to get excited about.

High Tide bundles include Xtreme Recon. The High Tide Package, which is based on Jeep’s Wrangler Unlimited Sport model, comes with a 285-horsepower V-6 engine and an 8-speed automatic transmission. It doesn’t have locking differentials or a Rollover Disconnect. High Tide also includes the Xtreme Recon Package. However, it has 35-inch BFGoodrich all-terrain T/A KO2 tires. They are mounted on 17-inch Beadlock capable wheels. The extended sides of the 1.5-inch suspension lift allow for the tires to be hidden under the fenders. . The axles have 4.56:1 final drive gears. The rear ends are equipped with a limited-slip differential. There are also a few Mopar accessories like the rear-mounted spare tire hinge gate, which is basically an exoskeleton that holds the massive spare tire system. This story is very similar to one Stellantis engineering expert once said that it costs a million dollars for a one-inch elevator, and then two weeks to install a six-inch elevator made by garage workers. Regardless of any drawbacks to the XtremeRecon product (and we’ll get into them later), at least you know that it’s safe.

HIGHS – Tonka-truck presence, easy-to-open roof, toughened windshield.

It’s not only a lift, but it also has a convertible High Tide. This allows you to choose between the difficult-to-move upper Freedom panel of the three-piece body-color Hardtop or the Sunrider Flip-Top. Front-seat passengers can manually open and close the panel in just minutes. It is similar to having a Miata top that covers those forward-facing buckets. It also has a Corning Gorilla Glass reinforced windshield. This helps to reduce cracks and chips in the Wranglers’ very flat and straight windshield. Gorilla Glass, a popular feature in electronics, provides greater shatter resistance than the types of phone screens. However, it is not commonly used in automobiles. The McLaren Senna’s rear windows and roof were made of Gorilla Glass. You can retrofit older Wranglers with the High Tide trim to get a basic windshield for as low as $495. High Tide can scratch windshields. Glass is covered by a 2-year warranty. Corning created an air-powered ice gun for testing the product’s ability to withstand high temperatures.

High tide can be prevented by using stabilizers. The suspension is raised to a much higher level than the Rubicon model, which has 33-inch tires. The High Tide tracks are four inches longer than those of the Wrangler Sport, and 2.5 inches wider than those of the Rubicon. It feels stable, but it isn’t very happy when cornering. The 0.69g of grip on the lateral side is very close to what you would need for this slip. It’s a 7.7-second sprint to 60 MPH, which is fast considering the distance of 211 feet between the stop and 70 MPH. This distance was exactly the same distance as the GMC Hummer EEV, nearly 10,000 lbs. It is true that the Wrangler left faint gray skid marks during the brake test. However, its ABS kept it close to the edge of locking up. It is obvious that the slow braking of the Wrangler is more due to its knobby tires than the brakes. Jeep is extremely careful about keeping their high tide from moving at 100 mph. We weren’t able to record that acceleration. The top speed is 97 mph. It’s easy to imagine an astronaut flying through space in a re-entry capsule.

Lows: It can feel like you are in an endless flight from an F-16 when you open the top of the highway. It’s a slow-moving distance and a bumpy ride.

Sunrider’s roof is closed at this point. Even at 70 mph, it can be opened and the interior volume is 103 decibels. How loud is it? It’s so loud, that we have to refer to the 1992 Federal Agency Study of Certain Airport Noise Analysis Problems. This study found that an F-16 fighter plane flying at 1000 feet and 403 miles per hour reaches a peak of 101 decibels. Over the course of eight hours, hearing loss can be serious due to exposure to 100 decibels. It is a blessing that the volume can be reduced to 70 mph (74 decibels).

Speed limits are not High Tide’s strong suit, as you probably know. What about riding in the sun on the back of your top around town? You’re talking about this. You should also consider any off-road activities that will require large spaces and high-ground clearance. The Xtreme Recon Pack was designed for deep water, mud, and sand. You can pass it if the river is below 33.6 inches from your door. You also get 12.9 inches of ground clearance. This underestimates the vehicle’s height. Before reaching for an arm in the cockpit, you might be able to relax your hips.

High Tide Pick: The 25D Quick Order Package is an additional $11,895 above the Wrangler Unlimited Sports. Another $4,000 will be required to purchase the eight-speed automatic transmission and the 3.6-liter eTorque v-6 required by high tide. This is quite a large amount of money, and it is. Anyone who has tried the aftermarket route knows that you can get the same performance for a fraction of the cost without any development or manufacturing support. This makes the base price of $51,535 seem like a bargain. It’s not the most cost-effective option for a Jeep equipped with an Xtreme Recon kit and 35-inch wheels. This option is available for the Willys version at $45,695. Normandy will tell anyone that Willys is the perfect beach-side option.

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