The Japanese first turned the Honda City model into a five-door hatchback

Honda has presented in Thailand a new hatchback City, developed on the basis of the sedan of the same name. In terms of exterior design, the five-door is largely the same as the donor.

In particular, on the five-door version of the 2021 Honda City, there is practically the same “face” with a compact blackened radiator grille and predatory headlights closely adjacent to it. At the same time, the rear part of the model is original – with different lights and a different bumper.

Honda City 5D 2021

Honda lineup

The Japanese immediately showed the “sporty” RS version of the City, which is characterized by more striking decor. The interior of the hatch, again, exactly copies the original sedan, except that the rear sofa here has wider transformation possibilities. The backrest folds down at 60:40, and the pillow can be folded back for transporting large vertical items.

The new body of the Honda City 2021 hatchback received a rear light reduced by 208 mm, due to the length of the car being 4 345 mm. Plus the five-door turned out to be 21 mm higher than the sedan, while the wheelbase of the models is identical – 2,589. The car is driven by a 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbo engine with 122 hp. and 173 Nm, working in conjunction with the variator.

Honda City 5D 2021

It is possible that in the future the line of power units will be expanded, since in India the same sedan can be ordered either with a 1.5-liter aspirated gasoline engine (121 hp), or with a turbodiesel of the same volume for 100 hp. By default, both motors are combined with mechanics, but a variator is also available for the petrol version.

Note that together with the hatchback, the Japanese presented the hybrid sedan Honda City e: HEV. Visually, this version is no different from the regular version of the model, except that a different instrument cluster is installed in its cabin, where a large color screen is used instead of an analog tachometer.

Honda City 5D 2021

The four-door was equipped with the simplest version of the proprietary i-MMD system. The latter consists of a 1.5-liter gasoline aspirated (98 hp and 127 Nm) operating on the Atkinson economy cycle and two electric motors, one of which has a capacity of 108 forces (253 Nm) and rotates the front drive wheels, while the second is connected directly to the internal combustion engine and acts as a generator.

Most of the time, the hybrid Honda City is driven by electric traction, while the gasoline engine rotates the generator.

However, when the efficiency of the electric motor drops (at high speeds), the internal combustion engine is connected to work directly through a single-stage gearbox. The hybrid is not equipped with a gearbox, while the buffer battery of such a car is located under the boot floor.

Both models can already be bought in Thailand: they ask for a hatchback from 20 to 25 thousand dollars (from 1,500,000 to 1,880,000 rubles at the current exchange rate), and a hybrid sedan is offered exclusively in the most expensive “sports” RS configuration for $ 27,600 ( RUB 2,080,000). In the future, both cars will appear in other poor Asian countries.

Honda City 5D 2021

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