the motor runs quietly, the mechanics work well

I bought a Suzuki SX4 five months ago, took the car in the salon. After 3,000 run I can give an objective description of the car. My previous cars: VAZ 2107 and 2114 are inferior to “Rhino” in design and appearance. Stylish, dynamic crossover compares favorably with our Ladas – outwardly the car is much more beautiful.

The interior of the crossover is comfortable, soft upholstery and a very comfortable steering wheel – this is the main thing for me. I like that all the multimedia buttons are on the steering wheel, you don’t have to bend over anywhere. And when paired with an adjustable seat, which can be adjusted both for the back and for the height of the seat, it becomes easy to drive a car!

Review of Suzuki SX4 1.6 (112 HP) AT 4WD 2012

There is enough space for rear passengers – the engineers correctly calculated the distance, and now you can comfortably sit behind and almost lie down. Comfortable armrests, headrests, there are no questions about the cabin at all – ergonomics for five plus.

The trunk in the Suzuki SX4 is not very big. Of course, more than the “seven”, but far from the station wagons. I calmly place all the things for a three-day trip to nature with my wife in it, but if we take more children with us, there is not enough space for all the bags. But there is a tray under the rear seat, so everything can fit if you wish.

I read that the front desk interferes with the review. I cannot agree – it all depends on the setting of the chair and the adjustment of the mirrors. You can set everything up so clearly that you stop noticing the left stance at all.

Liked the adjustment of the wipers. Snowplows can be adjusted for a certain speed stroke – there are five modes in total. If there is a heavy snowfall, you turn on the fastest one, and you don’t see snow on the glass at all.

I also found disadvantages in the cabin: the windshield and windshield heating knobs and the air outlet knob are located at different ends of the dashboard. You have to twist one thing or the other – this is not convenient, and if the modes were located side by side, it would be better. I noticed creaks in the cabin. I have not yet checked that it squeaks for sure – most likely, the panels near the radio and the glove compartment will have to be glued with a carpet.

The main advantage of the Suzuki SX4 is the acceleration dynamics. Despite the fact that the configuration does not have such a powerful engine – a 107-horsepower 1.6-liter gasoline engine and a manual transmission, the engine tears the 1.5-ton crossover from its place, the dynamics is felt even when overtaking at a speed of 90 km / h. My maximum, which I squeezed on the highway, is 140 km / h, at this speed it is very comfortable to drive, steering in a straight line has to be minimized.

I consider four-wheel drive to be another big plus of the crossover, although I connected it only twice. The forced 4wd was needed when I drove through a windbreak near the forest and after a snow drift, when I could not get to the garage. But the automatic turns on constantly. The roads in the city are bad, the snow is not cleaned, and as soon as the wheel starts to slip, the automation works well. I cannot say that you do not feel this transition, but the passage remains smooth.

From the shortcomings of the transmission, I found that the reverse speed at times does not turn on at all! At the TO reported that this is the “disease” of all Suzuki – there is no synchronizer for reverse speed. There is no protective casing of the generator behind the wheels, often moisture gets on the belt mechanism, and then the generator belt whistles wildly for 5-7 seconds – I will put protection.

In general, I am satisfied with the car: the motor runs quietly, the mechanics work well. Let’s see what will happen next.


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