The owner spoke about the RAM 3500 pickup with a range of 2.4 million kilometers

A video dedicated to the 1997 Dodge Ram 3500 has appeared on the Pickup Truck Plus SUV Talk Youtube channel. Bloggers say that so far the 24-year-old truck’s mileage has passed 2.4 million kilometers (1.5 million miles), and it continues to be actively exploited: the car is used to transport various goods (for example, residential modules, trailers and boats).

Interestingly, the long-lived pickup is still owned by the original owner, who bought a new car from a car dealership. His name is Harry, and he claims that he has never serviced the car with an official. He did all the work on his own in his garage.

RAM 3500 with 2.4 million km mileage

For its age and mileage, the pickup was preserved just fine. Note that American cars from the nineties do not differ in anti-corrosion properties, but this truck has “mushrooms” only on individual components.

This is surprising since the owner lives in the northern state of Oregon, where road chemistry is used extensively, which is exactly what contributes to the appearance of rust. At the same time, the specification of this Dodge Ram 3500 is not original: the original engine and transmission were replaced long ago.

Moreover, since then, these units have been changed several more times due to an increase in oil consumption. The owner admits that he sometimes put “contract” ICEs with low mileage on the car and did the overhaul on his own. By the way, the current pickup engine has managed to “plow” more than 800,000 km.

The American had to change transmissions even more often than engines. Most often, problems arose with stars and bearings, and once, due to a sudden breakdown, a man had to drive more than a thousand km with one working gear (fourth).

Harry recalls that he repaired the five-speed mechanics of the NV4500 about 12 times, after which he installed the more successful six-speed G56. Interestingly, Ram 5500 nameplates are installed on the Ram 3500 pickup, but only in 1997 such a version did not exist yet.

The man installed this logo on his own, after in the ninety-ninth Ford released the more payload F-550. The owner admits that in this way he wanted to put the owners of the latter in their place.

Once Harry came to one of the Dodge dealerships on a recall campaign, and the local mechanic was very surprised, since he had never heard of a modification of the Ram 5500. Then the American hung noodles on his ears, saying that in 1997 the company allegedly released a pilot batch such machines, and one of them went to him.

It is interesting that the American does not plan to part with his old truck. He likes to tinker with him periodically, but he will no longer be able to repair modern cars on his own, since they are too complicated for him.

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