The purchase of “beautiful” numbers will be legalized in 2021: how the procedure will proceed

At the moment, car registration plates in Russia are assigned randomly, but some citizens acquire “nice” numbers by paying the right person (an intermediary who has contacts directly with the traffic police) a certain amount of money. Depending on the rarity of the tablet, its cost can vary from 10,000 to 10,000,000 rubles.

The Ministry of Economy of Russia is not satisfied with such a “gray” market for numbers, since all the money earned on the sale of “beautiful” plates goes past the cash register, that is, does not go to the state budget.


And finally, a corresponding draft government decree has been prepared, which describes the procedure for preliminary reservation, as well as the purchase of car numbers with a successful combination of letters and numbers. This document will come into force on January 1, 2021 and will legalize the market for “beautiful” numbers. How can such plates be purchased?

Buying numbers through public services and their price

According to the project submitted by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, all free “beautiful” numbers will be entered into the electronic database. The creation of the latter will be dealt with directly by employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, while citizens will be able to familiarize themselves with the list of such plates on the portal of public services.

If a motorist likes this or that number, he will be able to first reserve it, and then buy it by paying the specified state fee. The reservation procedure will have to be determined by the subjects of the federation.

It is interesting that the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade has already announced the average cost of a “thug” number – they got a figure of 300,000 rubles. However, the real cost of such registration plates will vary from case to case, that is, depend on a certain combination of letters and numbers.

Description Example Cost, rub.
Same numbers and letters E 888 EE *** 600.000
Round hundreds, the same letters T 700 TT *** 450.000
Nine first, same letters N 005 NN *** 300.000
Any numbers, same letters R 568 RR *** 200.000
Different letters, same numbers S 444 EK *** 150.000
Round tens, identical letters M 030 MM *** 150.000
Round hundreds, different letters K 600 UA *** 100.000
Nine first, different letters В 007 УО *** 100.000
Round tens, different letters O 040 MV *** 50.000
Plain letters and numbers, which you liked N 215 TU *** 5.000

The department has published a price list for beautiful numbers, while the regions will be given the right to increase or decrease the duties indicated in it by 10 times. The motorist will be able to receive the purchased plates at the traffic police, while the income from the sale of license plates will be equally distributed between the federal and regional budgets.

Recall that now the state duty for numbers (combinations are assigned randomly) is 2,000 rubles. In addition to the “beautiful” plates, for 5000 rubles. you can choose a combination of ordinary letters and numbers, based on your considerations. For example, if the letters on the number repeat your name.



Note that not all “nice” numbers will be sold through the portal of state services. The rarest plaques will be put up for regional auctions.

The latter will last for 30 days, while interested citizens will not be able to simultaneously participate in more than five auctions. This limitation is intended to solve the problem with resellers.

It is expected that the requirements for electronic platforms, on which the auctions will take place, will be determined by June 1, two thousand and twentieth, while the regions will have to approve the rules of the auctions by the end of the year.

Buying a car with “nice” numbers

You will also have to pay an increased state duty when buying a used car, which has already been assigned a “beautiful” number. However, wanting to save money, the buyer may well abandon the original plates, choosing simpler signs.

This scheme is designed to minimize the number of license plate sales on the gray market, while an exception has been made for the heirs in the law, according to which they will not have to pay again for “nice” license plates if they do not change the car.


Note that the legalization of the market for “nice” numbers will not in any way affect the status of the plates themselves. The latter, as before, will perform an exclusively decorative role, while not providing motorists with any privileges on the roads.

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