There Is No Desire To Sell Or Change For Another: Review Of Toyota Fortuner

I took a new Toyota Fortuner a year ago, drove almost 50,000 km. There were also long off-road trips, I had to drive along the autobahns of Europe and around my hometown. I made up my opinion about the car and share it with you.

Fortuner’s appearance is simply gorgeous – I took a “black rocket”, chrome body elements originally highlight the bumper and grille. The headlights look very nice: in order not to spoil the overall style, I replaced the turn signals with yellow diodes, added backlights to the number and to the rear light.

Review of Toyota Fortuner 2.8D 4WD 2018

The optics here are excellent – they have never failed in a year, the main beam is pleasantly white, the beam hits far away, the oncoming lane drivers are not blind. The dipped beam is solid yellow, perfectly illuminates the roadside. Together with the near one, the fog diode lights are also activated, they work stably.

The first defect that had to be eliminated after the purchase was poor sound insulation, in the cabin it was like in a trough. I recommend immediately covering all doors and fenders with Shumkoy. Native winter tires of good quality and very quiet.

The climate control system did not please either – the ice does not leave the windshield, even if it is +24 in the cabin, only after activating the frontal heating. The rear seats in the car are always cold in winter, even after warming up, there is also no heating of the rear seats. The media system needs to be changed – it works with delays, does not read flash drives more than 8 GB.

In terms of comfort, Fortuner’s interior is, in principle, bearable: comfortable chairs, but no lumbar support. Seat upholstery: leatherette and leather, after a year everything is like new, not cracked or swollen. The panels are plastic, quite tough and thick – I like these, hard to scratch, impossible to bend, wash quickly. I liked the spacious trunk, I haven’t touched the 3-row seats yet, there is enough space, but the electric drive of the fifth door is slow.

The Toyota Fortuner engine is not just loud, but very loud, while it works a little harder on all-wheel drive than on the rear one. And with the dynamics of acceleration, the model is not all right – I tuned the engine, after the chip it vomits in seconds, it became more convenient and comfortable to overtake: there is no fear that after the jerk there is not enough power to finish the maneuver smoothly.

Fuel consumption depends on the season: in the summer in the city it is stable 14, in the winter – 16 liters of gasoline, on the highway no more than 10. THAT is standard for Toyota – once every 10 thousand. Every 5,000 he changed the engine and cabin filters himself, they do not last longer. But the air in the cabin is always clean and fresh.

Fortuner is predictable and comfortable on any road. The suspension behaves so clearly that it is comfortable and convenient when driving on stones, in sand, and on flat asphalt.

Controllability is always at a level, the hydraulic booster helps with sharp maneuvers when it is necessary to steer on dry, deep sand or ice. You can drift on all-wheel drive or on the rear – not driving, but pleasure!

The drive Part Time, about which there is a lot of debate, I really liked – you yourself choose what and when to activate: you only want the rear one, if there is a need – full. No understeer, drifts, etc.

I liked the geometric cross-country ability, the differential locks work clearly, either in auto mode or manually, in any other “Japanese” I have not seen such clarity. In general, I am very pleased with the car, after a year of daily use, there was never a desire to sell – especially since you can’t buy such a complete set for that kind of money.


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