This Is My Last Car From The Salon

The Skoda Kodiaq was taken after being traded in the Hyundai Creta. At first, in the new car, everything seemed good to me. But two years have passed, I skated 42,000 kilometers on it, the first euphoria was gone, and my impressions changed somewhat.

I will outline the points. Advantages:

Review of Skoda Kodiaq 2.0 (180 HP) DSG 4WD 2019

Author: 14072832

  • The car is ideal for family trips. It behaves very well on the track, very roomy. Low consumption when driving at a speed of 95-105 km / h. For example, in Crimea, we drove along the Tavrida highway for 200 km, on good coverage, and spent only 6.8-7.2 liters per 100 km. At the same time, the climate was turned on, we did not overtake. The driver’s seat is very comfortable – no back pain, and even in the heat you don’t sweat.
  • Very comfortable LED light.
  • It has not yet been possible to check the four-wheel drive, since it can only be checked in winter in off-road conditions. If he got stuck in the city, he calmly rode backwards. I see no point in dragging my Kodiak into the mud. I think this car is a versatile all-terrain vehicle, ideal for urban use.
  • The 2.0 turbo is not a racing engine, but it is not necessary for a family car. The engine is interestingly paired with a seven-speed robotic gearbox, like in a diesel engine, the torque bar at 2000-3500 rpm is felt on the accelerator pedal. There is no point in pushing further, the car will not go faster. But on the other hand, it is comfortable, without squeals and other nuances that are present in other engines at 4000-6000 rpm.

  • Ergonomics pleased, there are all sorts of Velcro in the trunk and nets, umbrellas in the doors and other relevant gadgets for daily use.
  • Roomy interior and trunk. Once I gave a ride to a colleague, the owner of Pradik, so he admired everything, where everything fits in such a small-looking car, he even went out to look.
  • The Kodiak is pleasant to drive and looks more like a sedan than a SUV.
  • For two years of ownership, the car did not get into any special troubles, which in modern realities can be called an advantage, given the fact that I operate the car quite tough: I drive every day, travel on it, store it on the street, drive it into the garage only at temperatures below -30 degrees.

Now the disadvantages:

  • In less than two years of operation, almost all the finishing materials in the cabin have worn out badly: seat upholstery, steering wheel. I can’t even believe that there are cars whose skin has been perfectly used for 10-20 years! I have complaints about the plastic, and about the details of the central tunnel, and about the armrests – somewhere between them huge gaps have formed, somewhere the sheets of plastic have overlapped one another. That being said, the finish of my Kodiak is the same as on the 3 million models. Are there such problems too?
  • Big claims to the rear seats: firstly, they are very tough, apparently, the Czechs feel sorry for the foam rubber, and secondly, fragile, even a three-year-old child could tear the sofa off the steel mountings, and thirdly, the belt-fastening mechanisms constantly dig into the rear, and in- fourth, the upholstery wears out quickly.
  • In winter, in the second year of operation, the headlight washer plugs began to fall out on both sides, they come back at will. The washer fluid may have frozen, but last year I used the same one, and the frosts were not weaker.
  • From the very beginning, the terrible sounds outside the car were annoying when you start off and turn on the four-wheel drive. These sounds did not disappear even after two years.
  • At -20 degrees, everything in the cabin becomes dubious and bursting.
  • Very weak insulation for a car worth over 2,000,000 rubles.
  • A very weak windshield, I had to go to car services three times in two years to repair chips, which, after their appearance, grew very quickly. At the same time, stones fell into the glass in the city when driving no more than 60 km / h. What would happen at a higher speed on the track?
  • Weak paintwork, chips on the front edge of the hood, primer under the paint does not help.
  • After 37,000 km, the rear brake pads are completely worn out, and this despite the fact that the front is heavier, and despite the fact that my driving style is like a pensioner. That is, the big question is about the quality of the metal.
  • Very expensive service considering that there have not been any serious breakdowns yet, and the car is under warranty.

Output: I will not take new cars in showrooms anymore. Although there are no serious complaints about the car, it turns out very expensive. I will roll back the guarantee, sell the Kodiak and buy the Patriot, so that the quality already matches the price.

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