this is what the future of outdoor recreation looks like

The Dutch company Haaks Campers has prepared a full-fledged mobile home for travel lovers. The developers argue that such a construction has a number of advantages over conventional campers.

In particular, if a traveler has a favorite place to stay, then he can bring and put the mentioned mobile home there in the spring, coming here next times already light. According to Haaks Campers, this is exactly what the future of outdoor recreation looks like.

Mobile home from Haaks Campers

According to the idea, any light truck is suitable for transporting a mobile cottage, but so far only Fiat Ducato is officially suitable for transporting such housing. In the future, the list of suitable machines for this will be expanded.

The process of loading / unloading a house is of the greatest interest. So, inside the building there is a special button, when pressed, the mobile house rises on four supports, thereby allowing the truck to drive under it. When you press the button again, the residential module is lowered, after which you can safely hit the road.

Mobile home from Haaks Campers

Note that these supports also allow you to align the position of a mobile home on an uneven surface, which means that you can even put housing on a slope, without fear that at night its inhabitants will roll out of bed.

By the way, the sleeping place in the residential module is located on the second floor, where a steep staircase leads. Interestingly, the developers have provided a window on the roof, thanks to which people can admire the starry sky before going to bed. Moreover, part of the roof can be lifted altogether, thereby obtaining an additional attic room.

On the ground floor of the house there is a compact kitchen with a dining room, and the tenants are offered a two-burner stove, a sink and a refrigerator. You can eat at the dining table, which is designed for four people here. There is also a separate shower and toilet. Plus, the developers have provided a small storage room inside.

The mobile cottage is accessed through large glass doors, while solar panels located on the roof of the building are able to provide energy for both interior lighting and various appliances and gadgets.

Haaks specialists noted that they will work with each customer individually, which means that the mobile homes built by the company will have a different design and internal layout. Unfortunately, the Dutch have not yet named the approximate cost of the unusual building.

Mobile home from Haaks Campers

Mobile home from Haaks Campers

Mobile home from Haaks Campers

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