June 28, 2022

In the time that the Mk2 Volkswagen Polo debuted in the latter part of 1981, its design of the body received many criticisms. People who were fans of the car considered it to be a huge departure from the slim Mk1 it replaced.

The public reaction was so negative, that VW launched a coupe model only a few years into production. It is now considered to be the most desired version. I’m among those who believe that the original “Breadvan” shape is a bit uncomfortable, but after having a look at Alex Lambert’s model during The Ultimate Dubs UK some time ago I might have changed my mind.

The colour of this Polo is stunning. The vibrant red really amps the body’s sharp lines. The wide arches were designed specifically to fit this particular model. The rear arch design is a major point of distinction as the radius allows the rear end of the vehicle to lower in comparison to the typical flat-topped arches.

Hidden in the large arches are a set of split-spoke image HT wheels sporting very aggressive specs. Fronts are 13×8.5-inch as do the rears, which measure 13×9-inches with offsets of +2 and +10 , respectively.

A few small touches on the exterior are enough to lift the otherwise plain design. The period-correct Auto-Plas windows in the rear add some sportiness to the side shape of the Breadvan and the racing mirrors made of carbon fibre emphasize its sporty intent. Porsche doors are a must on a vintage VW.

Alex took off the Polo’s bonnet while setting up the show and Sunday was an ideal opportunity to examine the menacing black engine compartment in the daylight.

1.473cc G40 engine has an Jabba Stage 4 Supercharger and a port-fitted intake manifold, a huge throttle body, and a 4-branch exhaust manifold to facilitate breathing. The timing of the engine is managed with a powerful PSD camshaft mounted on a large-valve head, and fuel is delivered via the more powerful G60 injectors. Forged pistons to increase strength and the charge cooler keep the reliability of what’s not VW’s most stable engines. In all this tiny Breadvan produces a respectable 192bhp.

It is said to struggle to get full-throttle grip to speed limits on motorways and considering it weighs exactly the same as the Converse sneaker, I’m not at all.

The suspension is an artful air setup using a combination of OEM components to maximize drop. Mk1 and Mk3 golf struts and track rod ends as well as chassis notching are all terms that are familiar to Dubbers I can assure that you.

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