three SUVs for 500,000 rubles, which look much more expensive

Portal “Autonews of the day” presented a rating of three used off-road vehicles worth up to half a million rubles, which, in their opinion, at the same time look noticeably more expensive and respectable than they really are.

Third place: Range Rover

The large SUV Range Rover is well-known, while the prices for the current (fourth) generation model start at 7 million rubles. However, the cars of the third generation produced in the early and mid-2000s are much more affordable: a well-preserved copy of those years can be purchased for 450-500 thousand rubles.

Range Rover

Several different engines are available for the car, including diesel ones, but all of them are combined exclusively in a pair of automatic transmissions (for five, six or eight gearboxes, depending on the model year of the car). The Range Rover is notorious for its reliability, while on the road such models are found quite often, so the desire to show off takes its toll.

Second place: Infiniti FX35

Despite its age, the premium crossover Infiniti FH35 still looks quite modern to itself, and it was awarded the second line in the ranking due to trouble-free operation and higher build quality than the Range Rover discussed above.

Infiniti FX35

For the indicated amount on the Russian secondary market, you can find a car of the mid-2000s, equipped with a 3.5-liter engine with 280 forces. The SUV also has an automatic transmission and an all-wheel drive transmission.

First place: Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne is on the first line of this rating. The journalists decided to award him “gold” primarily because of the big name. For about 500,000 rubles, you can buy crossovers of the first generation of 2002-2006 from us, although in terms of equipment and status for ordinary people, such cars are not so much excluded from later versions.

Porsche Cayenne

As for the technical stuffing, then on the secondary there are proposals both with a 3.2-liter engine with a capacity of 250 hp, and with a 500-horsepower engine, which was equipped with the flagship Cayenne Turbo. It is also possible to find the latter at the indicated price, but the condition of such a machine is unlikely to be satisfactory.

In conclusion, the journalists who made this rating emphasize that although all three models they voiced can be purchased at the specified price and in a more or less normal condition, however, the maintenance and maintenance of such machines requires significant investments, in the absence of which any of the listed old SUVs can easily turn into real estate.

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