Toyota Yaris 2021 – Photo And Price, Characteristics Of The New Toyota Yaris 4

In mid-October two thousand nineteen, the Japanese presented a new 4-generation Toyota Yaris hatchback, the development of which was carried out with an eye on the European market, where the third generation of the five-door was in rather high demand.

Outside, the new body of the 2021 Toyota Yaris attracts attention with more harmonious body proportions. The hood of the car became slightly longer, and the driver’s seat (and with it the cab itself) was moved back by 60 mm. The car received a large blackened radiator grille, catchy strokes of the side sections of the front bumper, as well as the predatory look of the head optics.

Toyota Yaris 2021

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The roof and mirror housings are painted black, while the taillights are visually integrated with each other. The interior of the new Yaris flaunts higher-quality finishing materials, plus the design of the front panel has changed, which is now located slightly lower than usual. Behind the compact heated steering wheel is a digital instrument cluster with two displays, each in its own well.

Already in the base, the five-door has modern multimedia, and for a surcharge for the car, you can order a 10.0-inch head-up display. Also, the list of equipment was replenished with contour lighting of the cabin and a panoramic roof, while on the home market the cars received swivel front seats designed to simplify boarding / disembarking.

Toyota Yaris 2021

The 2021 Toyota Yaris is the first model of the Japanese brand on the new GA-B compact platform, which is one of the many variations of the TNGA modular architecture. The hatchback received a stiffer body (+ 30%), shifted 15 mm down the center of gravity and revised chassis geometry.

It is noteworthy that in Japan previous generations of Toyota Yaris were sold under the name “Vitz”, but now the company has decided to abandon this name, so from now on the new model will be called “Yaris” in the Land of the Rising Sun as well.

Toyota Yaris 2021

Compared to its predecessor, the new Yaris 4 reaches 3,940 mm (- 5) in length, 1,695 mm (+ 50) in width, and 1,500 mm (- 40) in height. The wheelbase has increased by 40 mm – up to 2,550, the volume of the trunk has not yet been specified. In addition, the car turned out to be about 50 kg lighter than the previous one – now the curb weight of the basic version is only 950 kg.

The new Toyota Yaris 2020 received a hybrid power plant, consisting of a 1.5-liter three-cylinder aspirated Dynamic Force family, a 61-horsepower electric motor and an electromechanical variator. The company has ditched the old nickel-metal hydride traction battery in favor of a lithium-ion battery that is 27% lighter.

The characteristics of such an installation have not yet been disclosed, although the manufacturer notes that, in comparison with the previous hybrid version, such a hatchback turned out to be 15% more powerful and 20% more economical. Consequently, the aggregate peak output of the units is around 115 hp.

Plus, buyers will be offered conventional gasoline versions of the hatchback, equipped with three-cylinder aspirated engines. The base of the car relies on a liter engine and a conventional variator, and more expensive versions are equipped with a 1.5-liter Dynamic Forse unit, which works in conjunction with a Direct Shift-CVT transmission.

Toyota Yaris 2021

The latter has the first gear for starting and a V-belt mechanism for the subsequent movement. However, if desired, the machine can be ordered with a six-speed manual. The front of the 2020 Toyota Yaris has McPherson struts, while the rear uses a semi-independent suspension.

For the novelty, a more driver-like character is promised, while in the home market you can also order an all-wheel drive hatchback with an independent double-lever at the rear. The latter is available both in the usual version (with a clutch for connecting the rear axle), and in a hybrid – with the e-Four system, which provides for the installation of a separate electric motor at the rear.

Specialists of the Japanese brand position the novelty as “the safest compact car”, since the list of standard equipment of the Yaris includes adaptive cruise control, automatic braking and a lane keeping system. For cars in the European specification, a “central” airbag has been prepared, but the developers have not yet spread about it.

As before, Toyota Yaris 4 hatchbacks for Europe will be produced at the French plant of the brand, and for the domestic market – directly in Japan. The sale of the model on the islands began in February 2020, and they will get to the Old World market a little later, there is no information on prices.


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