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I’ll tell you how I bought a “pig in a poke”. First impressions of the Nisasn X-Trail were good. But compared to the Mitsubishi Outlander, this machine is smaller, and its trunk is not so deep.

But the biggest drawback is that the car may suddenly simply not start, and you will have to cuckoo on the road, and it’s good, if not in winter. This happens for a trivial reason – the flood of candles. By the way, when I was in the car service, they brought a 2.0-liter Qashqai and Terrano with the same problem.

Review of Nissan X-Trail 2.0 (144 HP) CVT 4WD 2018

Author: Alex

This most often happens when an unheated engine accidentally stalls. For example, you started the engine remotely, and then walked over, opened the car, and it stalled. Either the car won’t start with the Starline alarm, or you accidentally pressed the button on the key fob in your pocket. As you can see, the cases are different, but the result is the same.

Personally, this is what happened to me: I started the engine remotely, probably accidentally pressed the key fob in my pocket. The car stalled, and when it got inside, it didn’t start again. At the same time, the starter turned normally, the panel was on fire, there was exhaust and even began to seize …

But the miracle did not happen! At the same time, the street was -25 degrees, and I was 300 km from the city. The car is under warranty, it was serviced regularly, and, imagine, no one bothered to tell me that such a problem might arise!

I had to decide on my own. I did not reach my destination 100 kilometers. It’s good that I found friends in the nearest settlement. I stopped at them. Called a tow truck “Nissan roadside assistance”, but he arrived only the next day. I paid 6,000 rubles for the service, because in this service only 200 km are free for the client.

The car service carried out diagnostics and charged me another 2,000 rubles, since it was allegedly not a warranty case. Not a warranty case! The car is less than three years old, the mileage is less than 40,000 km, it stalled in the field and will not start … Is this normal at all?

A car service employee said that I am already the 60th car owner handling such a problem. And I believe him, because I personally saw three. And this is only in one car service! It’s good that everything worked out, and most importantly, that there was no child with me. Of course, changing a car is quite troublesome, but still you want to get a decent and reliable car for 2,000,000 rubles, and not toil on the roads.

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